Birthday Party

Okay, so I'm going to start this way ahead of time. My daughter will have her 3rd birthday in a few months and I was hoping to do it raw. Her little friends love fruits and veggies, so I'm not worried about's my friends that I'm unsure about. Her birthday cake should be very easy, and I'll make plenty of ice cream (raw deserts are my specialty), but what about the rest? Should it just be a bunch of finger foods, like Nori Rolls, or should it be something elaborate like a raw lasagna? My first response is that we shouldn't have food at all...but that's what all celebrations tend to have (it's the reason we gather, right?). Anywho...I'd love to hear what dishes YOU would serve and how you would do it. I still have a ton of luau decorations from her birthday last year, so I might just do it again. So, perhaps something with a Hawaiaan theme would be good too. I can't wait to hear your responses! :)

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