New member intro-- Anyone from TX?

Hi everyone,

My name is Talli, and I'm a raw foodist.

Sounds like an AA Sometimes I do feel as though society sees it as a disease. My husband and I are "closet" raw foodists, just because we live in a small town in central Texas, and the neighbors already think we're weird... honestly we just don't feel like constantly explaining/ defending the way we eat. The few people I have told are convinced that we are not getting enough protein... (I'm sure many of you have heard that one.)

My husband and I talked about going raw back in September, and left it at that. The next day we went to the store and at the checkout I looked in the cart and realized it was FULL of nothing but fresh produce-- I said, "well, I guess we're going raw-- we better go buy a book on this." So we did, we bought a book called "Raw food, Real World" It was good, we went home and read it, and that night we went into the kitchen and filled two boxes with crap we didn't want to eat anymore ( or anything that required cooking) and gave it away.

It was a shocking transition, but it's kinda like quiting smoking-- you either smoke, or you don't. And the best way for us was to dive in head first-- it was actually fun, and I recommend that for anyone trying to get started.

So it is great to find like minds, although we are not vegan, like so many of you are (yes, we actually eat raw meat occasionally) and mayonnaise, cheese, cream/dairy... but we are nearly 100% raw, and noticing the rewards (just in time for holiday participation to screw it up.)

This is my introduction-- thank you for reading.


  • I live in central texas too! I'm not a raw foodist, just interested in it, but a coworker of mine recently went raw. We live near the Killeen area. Where are you at?

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I have some friends that live in Austin that are raw foodies, formerly 100% raw vegan, but recently departed for various reasons, but they are still all vegan. I myself live up in Denton, TX.

    I know what you mean by the protein question, my mom has been constantly drilling me about this even after I told her I got blood work done at the doctor and the ALL my levels were normal and well within safe level. So if I ever get crap about it I can just pull out that blood work card to prove them wrong. I get it done about once a year, always have.

  • Fort Worth in the house!

  • I live in Austin

  • Welcome to goneraw, reciprocipe!

    This is a great site and I'm sure you'll learn lots from it and be encouraged. I used to live in Texas, and imagine that would be a hard place to be vegan, with all the "angus beef". Hope it goes well with the more varied raw way of eating that you are trying. I think it's great that you got all the stuff out of your house that doesn't fit with your new way of eating!

    Wish you the best-


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