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i have a beautiful eggplant in my fridge and no idea what to do with it. it was going to go into a raw lasagne, but i changed my mind when i couldn’t get any zucchini. (by the way, has anyone else heard of the shortage, or is it only the east coast?)

anyway, ideas and recipes would be greatly appreciated!


  • You can make raw “bacon.” I can’t remember the recipe off the top of my head, but it involves cutting the eggplant into thin strips, marinating it in a mixture of Bragg’s, sweetener (agave, honey or maple syrup) and cayenne pepper for heat, and dehydrating it until crisp. I think it was an Alissa Cohen recipe.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Here’s a general recipe, inspired by one in Rainbow Green Live Food Couisine. You’d want to cut the eggplant into rounds and cover with salt water for the day (@ 8 hours). Then, toss with some oil and seasonings (olive oil, thyme and sea salt are good). Dehydrate this for 3 or so hours (this depends on your thoughts on temperature. I’ve seen recommendations for 1-2 hours at 145°, but if you have time, I’d rather lower the temp for 3 or more hours).

    You can serve this right out of the dehydrator tossed with a marinara sauce or with soaked and chopped sundried tomatoes and some spices (maybe italian spices or whatever ones you like).

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    I have a couple of ideas for you.

    Eggplant (raw) ganoush:

    -eggplant -3/4 cup raw tahini -2 cloves garlic -juice of 2 lemons -salt to taste (or Bragg if you use that staple) -1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped

    Peel and chop eggplant. Coat it with the salt and let sit for 1 hour. Drain and wash eggplant. Combine eggplant, raw tahini, garlic and lemon juice into blender, adding more salt/braggs if necessary (or why not add in avocado instead?). Blend to creamy consistency. Mix in chopped parsley and serve. Add cumin and paprika for extra flavour.

    For pizzas, you slice the eggplant into rounds and dehydrate until somewhat crispy (about 1 hour). Topp with tomato sauce or salsa and spices. Mmm!

    I also add my leftover eggplant to cabbage salad; it really adds colour!

    Or slice in half, take out the middle stuff, and serve a dip in it or something. It makes for an nice-looking serving dish!

  • I love that pizza idea. Usually, I make the flatbread crust in the Raw Food Real World book, but this looks a lot easier for on my lazier days. Thanks for the tip.

    Here’s a link to the eggplant bacon recipe:…

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    shannonmarie: The bacon recipe looks really interesting. Have you tried it? Does the eggplant get crispy?

    joseegonthier: I love babaganoush! I’ve been slowly trying to put together enough recipes for a raw mezza dish (under the category middle_eastern) and this one sounds like a definite addition. Still trying to figure out a raw pita bread! Anyone have any ideas?

  • thanks so much, everyone! these are some really great ideas… i’ll let you know how it goes.

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