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Skin of soaked almond-peel or eat?

I have noticed that the skin of my soaked almonds is very easy to peel away. Does this mean that they should be peeled and not eaten, or is it ok to eat?


  • Hi Huskygirl, I generally do not eat the skin, as it probably may have enzyme inhibitors. But this is me, google it and see what you come up with. :) Blessings dea

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    just thinking aloud I have not googled this… but, we soak to remove enzyme inhibitors like tannin & phytic acid. I don’t think the enzyme inhibitor is only in the peel. If it was, that would mean we could peel the raw, unsoaked, ungerminated, unsprouted almond and not have enzyme inhibitors.

    Deasmiles, if you are saying there are more inhibitors in the peel, that would be “something else”... and a good question. In that case, I would guess that soaking nuts longer (about 48 hours) would help.

    Just a thought… and because I’m curious about germination. :o)

  • Hi Germin8 I am with you, I think that the skin may contain more enzyme inhibitors that is what I was trying to say I guess. Good info… :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    when I first went raw I read that the peel had tannin in it which is toxic so I peeled all my almonds, but I haven’t done that for a looong time now and keep feeling better and better…

  • You can make the best nut cheese ever with peeled almonds. 1 C peelded almond,1 C water – blend it and put it in a cheese cloth in a container with 4 holes overnight to completly take all the water away. That

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