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Pueraria mirifica - Fountain of Youth



  • zeinazeina Raw Newbie


    You are absolutely right! What a contradiction? However, to be honest with you, I've been told that breast implants done by a Board Certified and Experienced plastic surgeon are really safe these days. Honestly! I would love to not have to go through with this but having extremely small breasts is such a bummer! I don't know..............................!!!!

  • Hi Zeina,

    I noticed you haven't posted anything for a while and I just discovered this forum. I am curious to know if you did continue with PM and noticed any changes in breast size? I just learning about PM and so looking for more information from people who tried it before I order it. Could you share your experience if you did continue taking it?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I am knew to this but would like to shed some light on this herb in simple words. I heard some great stuff about this herb and all its benefits for both men and women. I grew up a bit confused and for some mad reason wanted to get in touch with my feminine side. I have always hated my body. I bought this off line, and to gain maximum results you cannot take PM on its own. You need the spray that is very highly concentrated. Also the cream. Within 3 months you will see the difference.

    I regretted what i had done as it did work, and i am male. My chest breast whatever has not gone down neither. I am working hard at the gym to get a feel to like the body i was born with. I noticed when i took this herb my head would feel awful as well, in regards to bad headaches. It also made me an emotional wreck. This herb is very strong in phytoestrogens and i believe it would be bad for anyone. especially men who are a bit confused. To mess with the body God gave you is a little crazy. Also many web sites sell this herb at expensive prices. Be happy who you are, with what you have etc. We can become more confident by focusing our lives on something else instead of the flesh.

  • lofmslofms Raw Newbie


    I'm 65 years old single female.  I started taking Pueraria Mirifica 1 capsule per day about 2 months ago and yes it do increase breast size  but that was not why I started it.  I was interested in many of the other benefits it says like bone density for a shorted word, help with eyes, skin hair growth and color.  I may have skipped a day or so I don't recall right now as I felt like I was going to start my period.  So I thought I would just cut back but the only thing I lost was some breast discomfort and they started shrinking some.  I skipped 5 days in a row and I haven't had a full period at this point but I have been spotting.  I guess thats a trade off if you want to feel female again you have to go back to having a period?  

    I'm concerned.  I haven't had a period since late 40's early 50's I don't remember it's been awhile.  Is it safe to be having a period?  How does that happen I thought when it left it was gone forever.  If I restart tje pills every day then what will happen.  I took one 2 days ago but haven't since.  I thought I should ask someone who is more qualified than myself.  


  • andiwandiw Raw Newbie

    i bought pueraria mirifica to prevent hair loss i figured i would take it for a month only too avoid breast growth but after just 3 days i have feckin breasts! help !! i have stopped taking it now does anyone know if they will go back to normal

  • alicel1511alicel1511 Raw Newbie
    Im writing this to warn young ladies against taking any kind of herbs or supplements which mess up your hormones. Now some people may have taken this with no side effects, even after stopping it. This was not the case for me. I had clearer skin while i was taking it, but it did nothing else. When i stopped taking it after 3 months because it messed up my menstrual cycle(heavy bleeding at first then i missed my period), i started losing my hair in clumps. Now most people don't tell you this, this herb has got birth control effects, especially in higher amounts. Testing done on mice showed infertility at high doses. My menstrual cycles has started to become regular again though im still losing hair badly with thinning and balding patches and it has made me depressed and suicidal. I regretted ever taking this and can only share my story here, hoping that this will stop those who are considering taking this for esthetical reasons such as bigger breasts. Like what was posted above, though it was a couple of years back: love yourself for who you are, don't mess around with your natural body. Don't appreciate and treasure the small things that you have only when you start to lose it. Trust me, the size of your breasts and whether you look younger than your age is of no importance at all when you start losing your hair. Eat fresh, natural foods, live a healthy lifestyle and you can be healthy and pretty at the same time.
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