A Beautiful Inspirational Quote

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Prof. Arnold Ehret from his book Rational Fasting>

“If your blood is formed from eating pure foods, your brain will function in a manner that will surprise you. Your former life will take on the appearance of a dream, and for the first time in your existence your consciousness awakens to a real self-consciousness.

Your mind, your thinking, your ideals, your aspirations and your philosophy changes fundamentally in such a way as to beggar description.

Your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life, leaving it all behind you. For the first time you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully.”

I hope you all find this quote as inpirational as I do. I really do believe that being raw enables us to become the people we were always meant to be.

I love raw!!!




  • Hi Audrey,

    Love the quote. So true too, I had a strange little detox experience lately, my eyes basically went haywire, I had major irritation and swelling and well, this is icky but stuff liquid stuff coming out. One week later, I am ok, my eyes are back to normal (actually I think I see better, brighter somehow) and the people in my life have been telling me how shiny and white and bright my eyes are. My cognitive thinking skills seem sharper too as of late and I am just happier, it takes so little to thrill me. Today I was making an apricot pie. As I was mashing the apricots down with my bare hands…I was sort of overcome with joy…. I love raw! Thank you for the beautiful quote. Raw love and blessings to you and everyone, Dea.

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