hemp seed butter

seaweedseaweed Raw Newbie

Absolutely love this stuff. Last night I made a simple cream sauce with some hemp seed butter, a dash of braggs, tons of freshly chopped garlic, agave, and cilantro; and poured it over some kelp noodles. It's feels a lot lighter on my body that almond butter/nut butters in general. What have you used it for?


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Sweet. I love hemp seeds. In my current country of residence they are not illegal to sell whole and live. I make sprouted hemp milk.

    In my city, I just found out, there is a whole store dedicated to hemp food and clothing products. I'm definitely going to go this week end.

    I agree that almond butter is a bit heavy. I just ate some (I made one of the recipes on here for chocoloate coconutballs.), and I could swear my heart is beating too fast. But I am paranoid.

    I use ground hemp in desserts. But pesto would be good too.

  • Do hemp seeds need to be soaked? I am assuming so, but just wanted to see your experience.

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