Where to begin??

Wow there is a lot of info out there, and yet not. I guess not organized in an easy to understand and apply sense..

I am interested in going raw, and eventually my kiddos too. Where do we begin? I mean, I know, duh....raw fruit and veggies. What I need is to find ways to feel satisfied and not deprived!! Also the "rules". Dehydrated? Temps?

I guess that is all right now. I just need someone to take me under their wing, so to speak. I hope that is not a crazy request!!


  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Hello! I've been raw about 7 months. There is so much information and a lot of it says just the opposite! This means people have to listen to their own bodies... A lot of people go raw because of specific health problems. For people who are sick, it is often recommended to try eating 80percent carbs from fruit and veggies, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat from avocados and nuts and seeds. No fats at all seems to be great at taking care of Candida and for detoxing... Although I am not sure about the Candida issue, people say it is caused by sugars.

    Some people don't feel as well with nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds should normally be soaked, unless you have a superpower digestive system and can digest them easily.

    I think the best technique is to throw yourself into raw foods and sort it out as you go...

    Lots of leafy greens are great. Bananas don't agree with some people. Combining fat and fruit at the same meal gives some people gas.

    Energy soup is GREAT at cutting food/other addictions. Since eating energy soup (which isn't THAT bad...) I no longer binge on fruits like I used to (because of spiking blood sugar levels).

    Rejuvelac is delicious and I feel like it's balancing me out. This can be made at home if you have the time/energy.

    My staples when I transitioned where- bananas, apples, guacamole, dates, apricots

    Now my staples are- energy soup, leafy greens, carrots, apples, frozen berries, dates, figs.

    Celery has so much salt in it, I no longer need to use table salt because I just put it in my salad!

    Cantaloupes are best eaten alone and they are so delicious! They digest really quickly. You might find a quick perusal of food combining useful.

    Diseases can only exist in acidic environments, and a cooked food diet is highly acidic. Fruits and veggie are alkaline and diseases can't really exist. Nuts and grains are so I don't really eat them. They don't agree with my tummy anyway... Watermelon and wheatgrass shots are very alkaline and wheatgrass specifically is wonderfully healing. I just bought the super cheap Healthy Juicer which works fantastically but I think takes more time to use than expensive electric juicers... But I make do.

    Sprouts are many times more nutritious than the actual plant (broccoli is like 50 times more potent). They are also cheap to do at home. Bean sprouts are a delicious way to get more fiber. Although I don't think so good when eaten alone.

    These are some of the things I've learned. Depending on your unique situation there is maybe more I could tell you. If you have specific health issues or don't have a lot of time, or if you HAVE lot of time- which would be great. Feel free to tell us more about yourself if you want more specific information.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    P.S. It takes months to detox. In 5 months you will no longer crave the foods you crave now. I walk past a nacho casserole and don't even blink I think because my body's cell's don't even recognize it as food! It's amazing and raw is 100% worth it to figure out.

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