To Raw Orleans and others

Hi there Raw Orleans and others,

It seems you are a wealth of knowledge so I thought I'd throw a question your way and to everyone else who may be able to help. My partner is unable to grow facial hair apart from under his lip, and a little on his chin. He can however grow a very very thick and healthy mustache. He has longed for years to be able to grow a manly beard, but we've been told by everyone that it's impossible to stimulate growth in this area if it doesn't already exist. He has very fine baby hair in this area ad shaves only once a week all over in hope that it will grow back thicker. The hair that does grow is very very dark and thick, it's just minimal

Anyhow, my question is: Do you know of anyway to stimulate growth on the face by using herbs or anything else?

I would love to hear yours and others suggestions.

Thanks heaps


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