Transition Phase WOOOO!

Hello everyone!

I just joined a few minutes ago.. this is great!

I just have a couple of questions. I want to go 100% raw for about 4 months or so just to experience it.. then decide later if i want to live this way for the rest of lmy life. I probably will though.I found out about raw about a month ago and it intrested me beacsue of the great skin people claim to have and i am also looking to gain energy, sleep less, and loose maybe 5-10 pounds. I have tried going raw on and off to test it.. and it feels great! The longest i have done it this month is 3 days only though... before my mom makes her chicken and basically hangs it over my face. hahaha.

My question is.... Should i just jump start and go for the 4 months raw now? I am really anxious to start detox and be done with it! Or should build up more slowly?

Plus, when i have been eating raw, i have noticed that i tend to eat way more fruits than veggies. My veggies only come from green smoothies. Should I be eating more veggies than fruits? (I will if i have to.. but i hate most green leafy veggies haha!)

Oh and i have heard numerous stuff about hemp powder.. should i buy this? Is it really imprtant? because hair loss is my number one fear haha




  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    When I ate too much fruit I got lots of energy for a day, but then would crash. It was too much sugar... I would start out a litle more balanced. Learn some easy recipes that you like to incorporate one whole raw meal a day. Then once you get used to it, two meals, etc.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Since I don't know you, it's hard to predict whether "all at once" or "slow and steady" will be more effective. Perhaps it's more useful to mention a couple of reasons people don't succeed or stick to it, and you can decide if these reasons apply to you.

    You mention eating chicken, so I assume you aren't vegan or vegetarian right now. Generally speaking, it's hard for most people to go from SAD (Standard American Diet) to Raw overnight. Based on what I've seen, the ones who attempt this seem to backslide more often, and end up beating themselves up a bit in the process.

    So perhaps you want to make sure you're okay giving up meat, dairy, and egg first. There are a lot of benefits to a vegan diet (cooked or raw), and if you allow yourself to consider the environmental, spiritual, and animal welfare advantages, in addition to personal health, it

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