New to rawfoods and this site anyone fron Chicago, IL

Hi I am a mother of three and I got started on raw foods to heal my families teeth, I did not bother to eat healthier until my 2 year old got a cavity and I did research on the cause of cavities. I am looking to add more powders and kelp noodles and other raw foods to my family diet does anyone have a list of things that I should buy and keep on hand. The kids are getting a bit tired of my salads and I need help with some good recipes for kids, if a new recipe does not please my kids I resort to making them a smoothie, but I want to start making some raw cheese ( not from diary) for them. I currently make one cooked meal a day because my husband demands it, the children and I are eating a diet of entirely raw foods. Also if there is someone here from Chicago or a neighboring suburb it would be nice to know of your local sources to buy raw foods. Currently I buy online

I am really in need of a list of staples to keep in my kitchen so if you could give me an idea of what I should buy that would be great.


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