Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! I have been a meber of this site for quite some time however I find myself going raw for a couple weeks then I would go back to a SAD diet and stick with that for a while. Anyways I feel terrible. I have no energy, get sick frequently, and have some medical problems which cause chronic pain. I am coming back to this now but I have a completely different attitude. I am no longer doing this to lose weight. I am doing this to take back my life and if I lose weight in the process great. I want to feel good again and have that light feeling, not that omg I am can't stay awake feeling after eating.

What is hard for me right now is that my husband and I live with his parents who eat nothing but meat and potatoes and major amounts of junk food. I find it hard to maintain my own way of eating when I live with them. Also my husband does not really support this diet. He know nothing about it and just thinks that it is some trend or radical diet that won't work. I have tried to tell him that it is for health but he is pretty closed minded about being raw. SO needless to say I will be coming here for a lot of support. I realize now why I failed in the past. I relied too much on food resembling SAD food which can take a long time to whip up. I am going to reserve these meals for one or two times a week. I am getting a juicer for Christmas (gotta love Mom!) so I am going juice a lot and eat simplier meals. I am also going to get support. Since I do not get it at home I am going to get it here. I also always used to beat myself up if I would slip one day and not be 100% but I am not going to do that this time.

Sooo now that I have rambled I feel better haha! I am so excited to feel good again and to be healthy again!!!!!! Oh I live in New Jersey (Western NJ right by Pennsylvania) so if anyone knows of any raw restaurants or food stores please let me know!!!! Thanks


  • Wow, I can really relate to your problem, I would suggest that you make your raw foods and ask them to try them, let them have a taste. My husband is similiar to yours and at first he was a bit afraid of my new lifestyle change, but I would make him a special smoothie or dessert and then I would slowly introduce more dishes to him. You know his taste and what he likes so I would try out a recipe in raw form for him, that is what I do. You just have to be strong in your choices and let them try your foods.

  • That is a great idea. I really never thought to make him something that he would like and let him try it. He wants to start eating healthier too soo I will have to whip up some green smoothies for him. They taste soooo good. He loves juice and fruits so I think that is a good place to start. I am goning to hunt today for a recipe that he will like! Thanks for the support!!!!

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