returning raw foodist

hi everyone,

i am returning in my journey to this site. i have struggled, like many of you, with taking care of my body, weight, and just myself. in 2007 i was raw from about february until june and felt the most amazing that i ever had in my whole life - i went 100% raw and needed only about 5-6 hours of sleep to feel rested, work out for 3 hours without fatigue, have beautiful skin, abounding energy levels, moodswings completely gone - i felt on top of the world. i fell into an unhealthy relationship and did what many women do, taking care of others rather than myself. since then i ended up losing a lot of weight again, getting to about 105 pounds, but in a very unhealthy way. i am 5'3 and since then have quickly rebounded, eating crap and weighing in at 135.

to me the raw food lifestyle is representative of one's relationship with the self - the ability and desire to really nurture, care for, and love one's self, completely in and of it's self, and for no other reason. i think a couple things have to happen to get to this space, but once you do start caring for yourself, you begin to receive the things you were always striving for before - not only physically, with clear skin, energy, weight loss, etc. those things begin to matter less in the new space. but a higher level of being, self-love, peace, happiness.

i am hoping for a more sustained, long-term journey this time and am happy to start it here and share with others. love to hear how you are engaging yourselves and creating your own journeys.

i am looking into starting boxing again (that and raw food were the most amazing i had ever felt) and bikram yoga, and returning again to some form of sprirituality that works for me (i was attending bible studies religiously (just send me to the punitentiary....) and felt the same, but want to explore kabbalah and other possibilities that fit just perfectly, like raw food does.

anyway, i don't want to blab, just share and hopefully spark something new in someone else, hear from you about your own thoughts/beliefs/plans/ideas/dreams, and share.

lots of love


  • Good luck on your journey!!!

    My biggest struggle is not having enough support around me, and I don't know any people following a raw diet except for online.

    But the journey seems to be getting easier for me.

    When I fall off the wagon, it is no big deal, since it is normal human nature to do this.

    Getting back on is easy since I eat fresh fruit for breakfast everyday!!!

    Good luck again!!!

  • i am in the same boat, almost to a 't. let's do it! :)

  • that's awesome! great to already have a bit of a community on my first day :)

    marta, your profile says you're moving to the bay, that's not san francisco is it? i was just living there so that's why i ask.

    happy holidays!

  • well to oakland/san francisco area for a bit, then probably napa for a while :) i'll also be in LA for a bit of time toooo... where do you live now?:)

    happy holidays to you as welll!

  • Hello Providence

    Welcome back and continue on with your raw journey Be Blessed

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