SAD --> 100% 80/10/10 .. desirable and possible?

i'm sure this has been answered before, so please feel free to point me in the direction of earlier threads.. just wondering if i should forgo buying a dehydrator and my raw chef books, and starting straight on the 80/10/10. from what i've read it seems like that is the natural progression and the ideal, and it makes sense to simply start on it now. is it possible, achievable, and worth it?


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi Providence,

    You may hear lots of opinions from people on this site who are new to raw foods. It's best to listen, instead, to folks who have been consistent and successful eating raw over the long term. I am one of those people. I spent 2007 transitioning to all raw, and this year i've eaten very very high raw.

    Another example is Angie, who posts on goneraw, and has been raw for 3 years.

    Another example is Chris and Zoe, who have been raw for many years now.

    All of us will tell you the same thing. Your body will transition naturally to eating a lower fat diet, you SHOULD NOT push yourself to start out eating 80/10/10 if your body isn't asking for it. If I had pushed for an extremely low level of fat, guess where i'd be right now? NOT RAW. I might be one of those people who binges on cooked food, feels bad, goes back to raw, and so on. Instead, because I allowed myself fat (and I ate between 20 to 60% fat depending on the day) my body is naturally moving toward a lower fat diet AFTER 1 year at very high raw. Now it's easy - if i tried to push it in the beginning, I would have failed.

    Choose wisely. You may want to learn from those of us who have succeeded at eating consistently very high raw for years, rather than those who are new to raw or may have failed.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    When looking for advice, one of the first things I notice is the "Joined" date under a members avatar. Winona is among those I consider "seasoned" in the journey. I would add a couple of people to her list of on-site sages: Meditating's posts reflect careful thinking and research. Waterbaby's posts come from a nursing background. I know there are others. Those are just two that come immediately to mind.

    Welcome to our community. I'll just echo Winona's post. For me transitioning and pacing myself has been key. I started with smoothies for breakfast a year ago, and primarily organic vegetarian the rest of the day. I'm now 100% raw at home (haven't turned the stove on in months). It's not always easy to stay raw when traveling or spending time with friends. I am judicious in my food choices in those situations, but don't fret over straying from the program a bit. Each meal is a new beginning.

    As Winona said, choose wisely, both who you learn from and the path your journey takes.

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