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Really Dry Skin



  • vasudvasud Raw Newbie

    I have been troubled by my dry skin and got suggestions from my friend and finalized to start using face serum for dry skin which gave me amazing results. 

  • rashishetty95rashishetty95 Raw Newbie
    edited April 24

    The main quality of Argan oil is that it acts as both a moisturiser and a sealant. This way, it provides the required hydration to hair follicles and seals the hair strand to the scalp. In this way, the follicles remain hydrated, and the hair strand is also tightly gripped beneath the scalp.

  • patvosspatvoss Raw Newbie

    Lauroli, Change comes slowly for most - many of the ingredients in Cetaphil are harmful for different reasons, but as to dryness, it contains 2 types of alcohol, which seems like it might work against dry skin. Maybe just stopping the Cetaphil would help? Along with drinking more water, getting healthy fats (not oil) in BF's diet? If he's a guy that likes a tube of something to rub on, the brand Acure has safe ingredients and has a couple different type moisturizers and cleansers. There's probably other apps, but "Think Dirty" app lets users check ingredients for toxicity, etc. 

  • amberp7745amberp7745 Raw Jr. Leader

    Try aloe because it is the most natural product that is suitable for all skin types. I have combination skin, my forehead is very dry, I use aloe only for this area of skin. Holika is a good brand, and even better if you have aloe at home.

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