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Hello from Kurdistan, N.IRAQ

Hi there every and anybody!! I just joined gone raw and I’m excited to meet new people, share recipes (well mostly collect I don’t really have many recipes I can share right now) and be a part of a raw food community (since there isn’t one where I live) I have been a on-and-off again raw fooder for 2 and a half years.. and I’m hoping that soon I can stay on raw for good.. I just wanted to say hi… you can see my profile if you want the long story about me… lol. Take care and thanks in advance for any messages…


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hello and welcome – we’re glad you are here. And, thanks for sharing your story!

  • Glad your working your way back to raw. I myself just started eating 100% raw in May 2007. It was pretty hard at first but it got better the more ingredients I got, tools etc. I was doing almost everything with a blender at first. It seemed to work out OK. It is can be difficult at times. I am so glad I made the switch from vegetarian to raw. If I was better informed I would have done it years ago. Besides the food is soooo much tastier this way! I too, am glad there is a great supportive raw community here on gone raw and other sites. Good luck on your journey back to raw.

    By the way Kandace…thanks so much for all of your great recipes you post!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi leafekat, Thanks so much…glad you are enjoying them. I have my very first garden sprouting up this year, so there will be more fun experimentation coming along!

  • Hi again leafekat and kandace.. Thanks for the encouragement.. My trip back to raw (which sometimes feels like a Mnt. Everest climb rather than a trip) is quite important to me.. Not just for my well being but my daughter’s (due 10-14-07) and my husband’s. I’ve seen first-hand what raw can do and I know how horrible it is not to be raw…

    If you have any good blender recipes please send them my way.. All I have right now is a blender and a juicer.. and I’m trying to make it work for now.. Thanks alot…

  • Hi kmom0607,

    I really admire yr courage and determination. You are even more remote than I am, and I thought I was in the middle of nowhere (lol I live in Sicily Italy) Blender recipe…any soup recipe, any nut pate recipe, also puddings, and pies you find here and even chocolate truffles and such, which actually I do by hand with a wooden spoon and bowl. There are so many recipes here which can be done with just a blender. I have a blender and a small food processor and that’s it, I juice by hand, I blend and then pass it through a sieve. But I have tried a ton of recipes. Also for dehydrator based recipes, use sunshine or low temp in the oven with the door ajar. Best wishes to you and yr precious baby :) deasmiles :)

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Just a quick tip – if you go to the main recipes page and uncheck dehydrator, juicer and food processor, you’ll only see recipes that call for a blender or no equipment at all. At present, there are over 600 of them!

  • It’s me again.. thanks for the info kandace.. I looked at just the blender recipes now I’m just having trouble finding one to try first.. lol.. deasmiles I know how you feel comming from the US to Iraq is a whole new world for me, and I’m finding that there is SO MUCH that isn’t available here that they have in the US.. there’s alot of recipies I’d love to try except they have ingrediants I can’t get here.. but that isn’t stopping me and maybe if I think hard enough I can make subsitiutes from things here.. maybe… Just a note I went for my 6th month check yesterday and the doctor agreed that more fruits and veggies would be good for me (she was even interested in a few recipes for herself since she’s trying to lose weight) but when I told her that I didn’t intend to cook them she was really surprised and said not to be surprised if no one seems to be as interested as I am.. the culture here is cooking and food and raw is pretty alien.. So wish me luck as I try to take the Kurdish world by a raw-storm!!!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Kurdish mom I just read your story, what a journey you have had. I love the way raw food just won’t let you go, you keep coming back to it. Green smoothies keep me on the raw path when I wobble. I hope you find tons of delicious fruit and veg…there’s always internet shopping for those little raw treats!

  • The funny thing about turning to raw food is that as you get more and more into eating this way the recipes lose your interest and you will find yourself eating simple foods more often until you will not need to have a blender, dehydrator or any other unnatural device to make the food feel more like cooked food. You will feel the difference when you go back to the bad food combining and the oils etc. after you have been on simple foods for a while. You won’t want to continue to feel sluggish and tired so you will stick with the simple foods and will need to post your blender, juicer and dehydrator on ebay. :)

  • Hi SocaL and Zoe.. Thanks for your messages.. SocaL I know what you’re saying is right cause I’ve seen plenty of people (mostly those I was learning raw from) who were like that.. if they weren’t eating salads they were just having green smoothies.. nothing really fancy but boy were they healthy and full of energy. It made me feel a little cheated that they could go all day on a glass of green smoothie or two but I would have to eat atleast 3 times a day and still felt like I didn’t have any energy. I’m really hoping to be close to that before our baby’s born.. it’ll be so much easier to eat simple foods that don’t need much time or effort to make with a newborn… :)

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