Washing Produce: various and sundry bytes for discussion.

I'm torn about washing vs. not . . . here are some of the info bits I've collected over the last ten years. (Say something if you think I'm off, as these are a synthesis of even smaller bits of info.)

1. Bacteria seem to only really stick around where there is food for them. So, the intestinal flora necessary to digest an apple are on the outside of an apple. When you wash them off, you're reducing that's apple's ability to nourish you.

2. Parasites are **attracted** to crops grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as those crops reflect an altered light spectrum from healthy, un-stressed crops. Organically grown crops emit a healthy range of light, and so if there are any parasites on them, they're far fewer than on conventionally-grown crops*, and shouldn't hatch in your gut anyway if you're totally raw (parasites need alcohol or other industrial solvents to dissolve the tough casing on the eggs**).

*Can't remember where I read that, but it was substantiated. Maybe from some of Dr. John R. Christopher's stuff . . .

**From "A Cure for All Cancers" by Hulda Clark.

3. I've eaten two things unwashed in the last few months, and have had totally different reactions. An unwashed apple made me feel incredibly alive and vibrant for a full 24 hours. It was incredible. Then, a short while later, un-soaped, RO-filtered water rinsed lettuce gave me Montezuma's Revenge for an afternoon. Any ideas?

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