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Lately, when I go to "log in" to the site...GR tends to kick me off. I am also finding that after I post a comment or thread it is kicked off. If I do find that I am able to "log in", after I "log off" I find my comments tend to be erased. Is anyone else running into the same problems??? I am seeing a message in red that 889 can not be found in subcriptions...or something like that. Any feedback to what is going on?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    SimplyRaw, I've not had any problems logging on or being kicked off. Are you using IE or FireFox? I know there were some problems earlier with IE. When I changed to FireFox things started going a lot smoother. I am getting a message in red with every post, but my postings still are there. Several others have also commented about the red error messages.

    Kandace and Ray have indicated in the past that they monitor the postings pretty closely, so hopefully they will see this thread. Maybe if you edit the thread title to be more specific (something like Having Problems Posting Comments) it might catch their eye quicker. In addition, you might consider using the Feedback link in the lower right corner when this happens and report it from there.

    I hope things are back to normal for you quickly. I really enjoy your postings.

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    Thanks for the feedback emtpdmom!! I was hoping you had some helpful advice.After I posted this I used the feedback to send a copy to Ray and Kandace. Right now, scared to log off for fear of posts disappearing. We do use IE.My husband is going to check and make sure GR iis one of our approved sites.

    Thanks for the advice and comments...Many Smiles!! :)

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