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CARRIE - I hope you see this thread. To answer your question, a professional fasting coach usually recommends that if you are active you should continue that activity during a fast and if you are not active you should become active.

Before I considered water fasting, I read about it for almost a year. Most of the things I assumed about fasting were entirely wrong. We are bombarded with the belief we need to eat, eat, eat. Yet fasting is what animals naturally do to deal with many if not most of their illnesses.

I did a water fast for 13 days after Thanksgiving and my energy level went up, a good deal more too than when I ate raw. This has nothing to do with the type of food you eat but because you aren't eating. Up to 60% of our energy is used for digestion. The first few days of the fast reminded me of the first few days on a Master Cleanse and it is an adjustment to not eat but it isn't due to hunger but that so much of our socializing is centered around food and drink and we are just accustomed to doing it.

If you want something other than a continuation of fasting myths, go to FastingConnection.com. There is a medical doctor who has supervised over 10,000 fasts at his clinic in Johannesburg who visits the site daily and often answers most medical questions. He has been fasting for over 30 years and is also a high raw vegan (but does eat eggs and cream to assist with switching over to a catabolic state before a fast). People there are also keeping blogs regarding their fasts and you can see their triumphs as well as their struggles. It is a great site for those interested in the topic.


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    Meditating, I'm so glad you posted on this topic. I did a 36 hour water fast shortly after Thanksgiving, just kind of testing the waters so to speak, and felt fine. I never really missed food. Since it was my first time, and I had not done the research, I worked my way back to raw. I had planned a Master Cleanse for the first of the year. After talking with Waterbaby ;) I decided to try a longer water fast instead. I plan to start this evening, and just see how it goes. I'm aiming for 4 to 7 days. Depending on how I feel -- how much energy I have for teaching -- I may continue longer. My biggest challenge will be when my peers at school realize I'm not eating. I may need some encouragement through that issue. I'll check out the fasting site this evening when I get home. I'm traveling back home today.

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    just my two cetns emptpdmom.. I'd do the MC before any water fast. I did both.. and found the MC so so so much easier. i had planned a 72 hour water fast and it was very very difficult.. I did the MC for 10 days with very little issues. I've also done a 10 day juice fast and that was by far themost pleasurable and just as effective really, imo

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    Meditating - Thank you so much for posting this information for me! I think it's amazing that you fasted for so long! I am starting a water fast today. I'm going to start with one day and see how i feel and then go on if i'm feeling strong enough. I'm feeling quite gross the past few weeks - overabundance of nuts and things like that. I know i gained back about 10 pounds and i'm definitely feeling the affects of it - my knees actually hurt! So, I wanted to do something to "jumpstart" my body. I'm going to try water fasting for a few days and then either juice or do the MC. I'm not sure which one yet. Thank you so much for posting that site for us- I'm going on there as soon as I'm done posting this! I last ate at around 11:30 last night (midnight snack :) So, we'll see how it goes! Thanks again!!!

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    EMPTDMOM - Congratulations on your past and present fast. I have worked through both my fasts. One thing you need to remember is that blood pressure drops (a good thing) so whenever you get up quickly you may experience some light headedness. This happened to me several times early on during my first fast, but it is amazing how quickly your body learns and it hasn't happened at all during my second fast. Remember to stretch before you get up or get up very slowly the first few days of your fast.

    My primary goal for the fast is to try and get off my last hypertension medication. I came across the idea of fasting because I was looking for a way to stabilize my blood pressure. Based on the studies, an extended fast of app. 3 weeks is required to permanently adjust blood pressure so I am going to see if I can get there this go round. I hope to continue that long assuming my blood work comes back okay every week. While healthy people can usually fast without issue, I am having bloodwork done every week due to my health problems and the fact I don't have a history of fasting such that my body knows what to expect for that duration.

    KMINTY3 - I love the Master Cleanse drink, so it isn't a problem for me but I am trying to stabilize my blood sugar and I can't do while taking in all that maple sugar or agave daily. I didn't find water fasting difficult but everyone is different. I did miss being able to socialize with friends around food and drink but that happened on the Master Cleanse too.

    CARRIE - Good luck on your fast. Remember, the first time you fast you will probably have a heavy detox and may feel crappy for the first 3 days. I did have some symptoms but after 1 day my energy levels went way up. I found myself wanting to clean my house. That is so out of character for me. LOL. Please consider keeping a blog at FastingConnectin.com. The support there is so helpful. I found the adjustment to fasting was more psychological than physical.

    DURIANRIDER - That was a grossly misinformed post clearly intended to spark ill will. Your post is the equivalent of someone unfamiliar with 811 denouncing it as a rip off and assuring that the only option is to enroll in Weight Watchers. You're position is that 811 is answer for everyone. I am glad it works for you, but it is egotistical to assume your experiences or observations must dictate the "truth" for everyone else.

    If you did work at a fasting retreat, it is unfortunate you associated with quack practitioners, which are replete in the field of natural food and health remedies, and, according to your post, they preferred to eat junk food. That should have been a clue.

    Why do you assume that anyone considering or undertaking a fast will return to a crappy diet? I know for a fact that there are many 811 followers who fast. The primary reasons to fast, which any legitimate fasting coach will confirm, is for the health benefits that can only be had when the body is not diverting its energies to digestion, including accelerating detoxification and cell regeneration, consumption of unhealthy cells and superfluous tissues, and stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar. Weight loss is merely a desirable by-product of these processes.

    Anytime blood sugar drops, which happens between meals and during the initial stage of a fast, the body releases several hormones including cortizone from the adrenal glands; however, that release stops as soon blood sugar stabilizes. This is often a goal of fasting and why so many with diabetes choose to fast to reverse their type II diabetes and, in rare occasions, type I diabetes. Yes, fasting does initially stimulate the adrenal glands just as exercising stimulates or stresses muscles. Stressing a body part is not the same as damaging it. The purpose of cardiovascular exercise is to exercise, place stress upon, the heart in order to strengthen it. It does not damage the heart absent some underlying problem.

    It appears that others participating in this thread came with an open mind and an intention to contribute in a positive manner or learn something regardless of which position they ultimately choose. If you continue to participate, I hope you will consider these possibilities.

  • Is anyone here willing to assist me with a water fast? I'm looking for an accountability buddy to keep me motivated and on track. It would be great if we could help each other out and make sure we both complete our mission! Let me know if anyone is keen. I'm starting tomorrow (9/1/19) and looking to complete at the end of the month. 

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