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Hello from VA

I have slowly been heading towards raw. It began about 2 and a half years ago. That was when I became a vegetarian. I had a burger from McDonald’s that made me nauseous and I almost choked on a chicken leg. I decided I did not want to die from chicken, so I quit meat (except seafood, which I ate rarely). It took me awhile to become a healthy vegetarian though because there were no other vegetarians around me. It would have been easier in a big city, I think. But recently I started looking into raw foods. Cooked foods started to feel heavy in my stomach and my stomach did not agree with it. I have been eating salads for lunch on a daily basis for the last few months and noticed that I did not have that afternoon slump (I am an elementary school teacher). I have always loved fruits and I have always been on the search for good vegetable recipes but could never find anything to really satisfy me. Now I know why- I was looking in all the wrong places (cookbooks). I am not 100% raw but I am trying to be as raw as possible. I am eating raw during the day and usually eating at least one cooked item at dinner. I can’t wait until I get my dehydrator! Hopefully, I will be more raw at dinner when I start dehydrating! Can’t wait to try the recipes! I am currently filling up my recipe box with the possibilities! :-) I find that I graviate more towards fruits but I am trying to get in my vegetables. So glad I found this site! I love it and everyone is so nice and helpful!


  • Hello Wanna_B_raw,

    I’m also in Virginia. This is a great site for support, motivation and recipes. It’s funny how some of us gravitate towards fruit and others towards vegetables, I’m definately a veggie girl. Many blessings on your journey.

  • Where in VA are you? I am in the Hampton Roads area.

  • wanna_B_raw… I am also from VA (up north by D.C.) I found a wonderful veggie meal – collard rolls – in Alyssa Cohen’s book Living on Live Food. 1. Marinate onions and portabello mushrooms in Bragg’s 2. Julienne a carrot and zuchini 3. Fill a collard leaf with the marinated onions/mushrooms, carrots and zuchini, top with avocado slices, roll up and munch! This site has a lot of great meal ideas as well. Many blessings to you on your raw journey!

  • Thanks Elizabrat for the recipe! :-) It sounds delicious! But what do collards taste like when they are not cooked? I have this fear of uncooked greens it appears! I have never had them raw!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    They taste better raw. Actually, I’m thinking of Kale. But, I’ve had the collard greens raw (several times) and I was suprised that I can eat and enjoy them. Try not to get the collard greens with tough stems. Sometimes you can just fold the stem up to keep the wrap from spilling… this is nice when the stem is not too thick.

  • Wanna_B,

    I all the way down in Roanoke right now.

  • Hey I also live in the Hampton Roads area…

    You know there are raw food potlucks here monthly, if you e-mail agavenectar@Yahoo.com I can tell you when the next one is!

    Also feel free to IM Me anytime on AIM @ : the accent stone if you would like to chat

  • Thanks Alex! I just sent you an email!

  • Hi, we may be moving to the hampton roads area.

    Is there a cool, healthy, artsy neighborhood?


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