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Do sprouts contain Gluten?

Does anybody know if a sprouted grain contains gluten? I was able to find information on wheatgrass (and was very surprised to find that although wheatberries, and of course wheat contain gluten – the wheatgrass does NOT), so now im curious about other grains like kamut, rye, barley etc. I know in their grain form they are on my list to avoid – but can i use them sprouted? Thanks!


  • im not sure about ur question, but i noticed u said that Kamut, rye and barley were on ur list of grains to avoid. why is this? and why would it be ok if sprouted and not as a grain?

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    That’s funny, I was told the opposite about wheatberries, Brian Clement said no they do not…the sprouts are gluten free. I asked him this question about sprouted spring wheat/wheatberries and he said that wheatberries do not contain gluten. I will relisten to our tape from that evening, but I’m sure that is what I was told.

  • Hmmm.. interesting. Perhaps i misunderstood the information i was given about wheatberries? Always a possibility! :P

    Magdi – i try to avoid gluten. Kamut, rye and barley (and many others) all contain it. From what i understand about wheat – the gluten is not formed/utilized by the plant whilst in its grassy state. If this is true of other grains – then i just found a whole new realm of recipes! lol…

  • I’m pretty sure that the berries would contain gluten, as the berry contains all of the structural protien components of wheat…I also googled it and read that the berry has a low gluten content. So, it may be safer and more digestible unless you have celiac or are gluten intolerent.

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