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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Hi there,

I am curious to see if anyone else has been diagonsed with PCOS. I was when I was 19 and since then I have been on birth control since then (I am twenty now). I would prefer not to take birth control but have been told do to so for "hormonal reasons" to deal with the PCOS. I am tempted to stop taking it all together but I fear that, regardless of my aversion to prescription drugs, this might not be the best choice. Will switching to a raw diet perhas help this? PCOS is caused by the lack of estrogen in the body and, due to this, the menstrual cycle stops, male-patterened hair growth ensues, in addition to other side effects. Any thoughts would be appreticated :)

take care,



  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    You might want to do an Advanced Search on this topic. I just put in the word polycystic and clicked on the "Forum" check box -- got 5 or 6 threads. Click here and check panes #2 and #3 if you need some tips on using the search features.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I have a book called the Fibroid Tumor and Endometriosis Self Help Book by Susan Lark. I know this isn't your problem, but the same author has a number of other books for women's health--I advise you to look at her books on Amazon or your favorite bookstore. This book (and I assume her others as well) give tips for diet (much of which can be accommodated to a raw diet), exercises, beneficial supplements, acupressure, and visualization. Really a great holistic approach.

    Best of luck!

  • I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20.. the doctors told me I had to take certain presciption medicines for the rest of my life.. also they wanted to put me on the pill to deal with my acne and hair loss. It was a terrifying time and I was so stressed by it all.. it all felt so out of my hands. So I decided to take control back. I didn't touch any medication or birth control.. put myself on a very strict diet of a lot of raw.. LOTS of dark green veges (spinach, kale, broccoli) lots of superfoods (goji berries, spirulina) I stopped eating dairy (as for a cystic system dairy is one of the worst things you can eat) and cut out all refined carbs and sugars.

    It was a slow process but that was five years ago and all my symptoms seem to have gone away. Everywhere I go, people comment on my glowing, clear skin.. my hair is thicker than ever etc.

    Also a big part in my healing process was taking amazon herbs (https://www.amazonherb.net/).. the power shake is amazing because it contains Maca which balances out all your hormones etc. and I also have been taking the pure camu every day for a year and it's amazing.

    I also totally cut back on drinking alcohol and caffeine as these spike your sugar levels and thus your body produces excess androgen..

    Plus I've been doing a lot of yoga and meditation which help everything!! Here's the foundation I've been doing it with: http://www.ishafoundation.org/

    Hope this is helpful!! I'm so grateful to have healed myself naturally so hope to spread the word..

  • Thanks for that question and the wonderful tipps, Bonbon!

    I'm also diagnosed with PCO-Syndrom even if I get a fairly regular menstruation and my oestrogenes are okay - only my testosteron is too high and I suffer from an insulin resistency. That's what the last doc said, I don't really believe it, as my blood sugar is really too low usually and never anywhere near the prediabetic range. (And I have tons of adrenal gland problems, where the testosteron comes from).

    Anyway, I was put on the pill last month and I feel awful. I don't know why I didn't listen to my feeling and didn't take the bloody thing. I'm agressive all the time, my symptoms (acne and hair in the face) haven't gotten any better and my period stopped completely after the first cyclus - I had one before that, even if it was not after 28, but 35 days.. I'm so mad.. tomorrow I'm getting my hormones checked and then I'm going off the pill again. (Again because I have been on it twice before for a short time with the same results..)

    I can't say anything about raw yet as I'm just starting but being a vegan really has helped. Before i went vegan and during my one short vegetarian break I had far more problems with my menstruation. Especially after becoming sugar-free, I almost enjoyed the menstruation, because it was pain free and just felt right.

    Hope I could help, I'm definitly going to chec amazonherb and try to add powerfoods, as I have tons of other hormonal problems. I also got a book (in German unfortunatally) called hormonal yoga - it's usually for menopause-women, but also for those suffering from PCOs. There should be something like that on the American market also. Haven't tried it yet though as it was a christmas gift and I have been knocked out again thanks to Cortisol.

    But as far for hormones I can really say, that eating makes a huge difference.

    Good luck,


  • Thank you all for you advice! It is nice to know that there are other women that have been diagnosed with this.

    I will look into the books and herbs.

    As much as I long to trash my birth control pills, I anticipate if I were to talk to my gynocologist about stopping the pill in favor of a potentially healing raw diet it wouldn't fly. Right now, I am worried that if I were to stop taking the pills without medical superivision my sympotoms would return and could lead to infertility.

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    Gynecologists can see if your health has improved and be impressed with the raw diet in that way.

    But they are in the business of telling people to take pills and dairy. Don't expect that your gynecologist will ever recommend the raw diet.

    I don't ask my gynecologist for permission for anything. But he has been my doctor for almost 20 years now and wouldn't want to have anyone else.

    Dairy is the devil and the root of all life's problems. O.K. excuse me. I hadn't written anything radical lately.

  • Hi there,

    I was told i had PCO three years ago when i had not had a period for a whole year. The doctor put me on the pill which i changed 3 times because it made me feel ill in the end i decided to come off it. That was in August and have currently been on the Raw diet for 2 months to improve my health. Luckily enough this week i have had a period which was not induced by the pill. I definetly beleive its down to the raw food diet and the peace of mind it has brought me. Anyway just thought i'd share my story. I hope you choose this way of life because i beleive its better than any prescriptive drug for PCO.

    peace and love x

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Anyone tried iodine supplementation for PCOS?

    Apparently the ovaries are the second place iodine goes in the body after the thyroid and since our bodies are so deficient due to poor soil and poor diets, the ovaries don't get their share of iodine and form cysts.

    I'm starting a homeopathic dose, but some people take 12 mg, I believe. I take 300 mcg for now.

    Lugol's solution and Iodoral are the main ones people take.

    I guess in Japan they eat so much sea stuff that it gets close to 25 mg of iodine a day and the American recommendation is only 150 mcg.

  • Thank you all for this information...I was not stated as PCOS but do have a cyst on my ovary, cycles are messes up and have a fibroid....such great information and now I know I need to go 100% Raw...just need to slap myself from laziness for making different recipes :)

    I had to print some of this info...makes so mych sense being I was on the Pill and they took me off..since then I had a cust appear on ovary and fibroid in uterus...and have a thyroid issue...RAW IT IS !!!!

    Thanks everyone :)

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I would recommend getting off the pill, eating raw food and supplementing iodine.

    I have endometriosis which includes a couple cysts in my uterus. My hormones have been trippy my whole life even on birth control and I recently went off(despite my fears of pain and everything else that comes with this stuff) and so far I've felt amazing.

    I do a water soluble iodine solution called Iosol and it's very reasonably priced. Check it out.

  • I am 23 years old and lost my period about 3 years ago. Ive been in and out of several different doctors and they all just tell me to go on birth control. Ive gotten my thyriod tested and it always comes back normal. The last doctor I saw said my fasting insulin levels were high so I may have PCOS but nothing showed up on my sonagram. Ive been vegan for a few years and eat alot of raw. I was wondering how exactly were you diagnosed with PCOS?? Im desperate to get better and Im running out of things to try! I eat a sufficent amount of healthy fats so I know that cant be the problem..

  • I stopped having my cycle a 25 it just stopped. I went to several Dr. and they said my ovaries went on vacation?! They told not to worry about it and be glad. I did get my thyroid checked and regulated and I would spot every now and then.

    Up until I was 25 I was very regular 28 day. The Dr. also told me to take birth control....except we were trying to get pregnant so they put me on Clomed a fertility drug. I still did not get regulated or pregnant. I let this go for years because no one seemed worried about this at all. Well I started having irregular periods. Very heavy clotting for 3 hours at a time still it took 3 Doctors and another 6 months and a suspicious pap test. I had a D&C I had endometrial cancer stage one. I had a hysterectomy I needed no after care only the the surgery. They also found that my fallopian tubes were filled with fluid. The pathology came back from the hysterectomy and there was no sign of cancer. They had gotten it all with the D & C. They also said I had PCOS. This was the end result of a span of 14 years I really did not push the issue I thought well if we get pregnant great we have time. I am very great full That I am Cancer Free for 10 years. I was always very diligent about my OBGYN appointment every 6 months. I thought I would share with you my story.

  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Leader

    Hi! I have PCOS too. I haven't been high raw for very long so I can't really tell if it is helping as I have also only started on supplements last month.

  • ktkt

    i am an embryologist and i have come across alot of women who battle with pcos, those who overcome it (enought to fall pregnant) take on a healthy diet with exercise and beat the insulin resistance. obviously because i am on this site i belevie that raw is the way to go however just being health with exercise will be enough. also any superfood/supplements that assists with diabetes should also help with pcos

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