Can't find certain recipes even using the Advanced search option

Hi, Can anyone fine Ofek's Real Hummus or Zoe's Cheese with Spring Onions using the search. I even went to past conversations where I posted the links for certain favorite recipes and they seem to be missing. Remember James Tuna Salad Sandwich? I can't find that either. Anyone else having these problems.

Luckily I have all these recipes printed out but I wanted to post the link to some of my favorites and can't seem to find the recipes.




  • I wonder why this isn't showing up on the front page as a recent tread.....

    And I can't edit my original post (find recipes, not fine recipes. hehe)

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    JoyceH -

    Happy to see you are still out there. :) I have noticed some of the same glitches as you.... thread not showing up on the front page as a recent thread... tend to log on and get kicked off...editing original recipes, etc...Some report that it has to do with IE versus Foxfire.I do not think you are alone, but from what I understand Ray and s a new system that they are not completely familiar with, so they are learning as they go. On another thread Kandace mentioned they are expecting a little one of their own (baby on the way). I found Zoe's Spring Cheese recipe when I typed cheese in the search.

    I typed in tuna salad in the search and found this Tuna Salad Sandwich recipe...

    Here are also some threads that might me helpful. This one includes Ofek's Real Hummus recipe.

    Hope this helps. Many Smiles! Happy to see you again! :)

  • Hi SimplyRaw, thanks for the kind words and the help with the recipes! :-)

    Yeah I stopped posting mostly due to the upgrade. I couldn't log on for a while and then I just didn't feel like it was the same old site after the upgrade. Plus I think the pre-election political posts burnt me out a bit. Actually it was the election that burnt me out :-) So glad it's over.......

    Anyhoo...again, thanks for your help!

    Joyce :-)

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    Joyce, original threads remain on the Forums page until someone responds. Then they move to the Homepage. I've seen a number of good questions go unanswered as a result. In a couple of cases, I bumped them to the homepage. I've also used the "Feedback" link in the bottom right corner to point this out to K and R. I personally think this is a flaw in the setup, and hope it changes.

    Apparently there are a number of the older recipes that did not "translate" into the new format. I started a thread titled "Recipes Lost in Cyberspace" for people to post recipes that are no longer available on the site. The thought was that IF the recipe really is currently "lost" maybe someone would have either a hard copy or a copy on their computer and would just download it into the thread. We're currently looking for the Berry Frappe and the DQ Blizzards/Ben and Jerry's recipe. According to RawKidChef, that's the exact wording for the recipes. I've not been able to find them, even with the new tip I found for using Advanced Search (see next paragraph). If anyone has a copy, please post them on the above thread.

    The Advanced Search feature is fun, but can be a little tricky. I've discovered a way to refine the search a bit more, and updated my notes in Site Use Tips and Hints, pane #3, TIP #1.

    As you find additional tips and tricks for using the site, please DO post them on the Site Use thread. I'll add them to the Index in pane #1 so we can find things without having to read the whole thread.

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