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I hate my juicer! Help Please

mamakmamak Raw Newbie

I purchased a Champion Juicer this summer. I have only used it a few times because everytime I do I am left frustrated and regretting my purchase. I keep thinking that maybe I am not using the product correctly, but I have read the manual and watched videos on YouTube to confirm that it is assembled correctly. After juicing just a few carrots, the screen gets clogged and the pulp gets backed up in the tube. I have done it slowly and given the machine a minute between carrots. And the juice that comes out is so thick that I have to strain it which is a huge mess.

I have come to the conclusion that I either have a defective machine or it's an inferior product.

As you can tell I am very frustrated that this expensive product is not performing as promised. I did all my research and this machine came highly recommended. Now I feel like I wasted several hundred dollars and am stuck with this stupid thing because I didn't return it within 30 days.. I should have just got another JuiceMan. That thing lasted forever.

Ugh. I'd appreciate any help.



  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    I had a Champion for many years, I didn't like how it heated up and was so messy, I now have a Breville Juice Fountain which I love for my needs. I don't juice much, and don't juice greens so it's perfect and it's fast. What I juice are carrots, apples and occasionally peeled oranges. Not much else. If I want to drink my greens I blend them into my smoothie.

    Can you sell it on Ebay? Or to an interested friend? I had mine for many years, and I ended up selling it second hand. There is only one thing I miss making with it - banana ice cream.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    mamak, perhaps if you contact Champion's customer service and describe your problem, they will be able to offer a solution. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  • mamakmamak Raw Newbie

    Thanks! I was having a bad morning when I wrote this. I decided I am probably best to try and do the frustrating prep work in the evening when I'm not jonesing for coffee. :) My husband suggested selling it too. I know some people love the thing, but I'm not feeling the love.

    Yeah, I was already making banana ice cream in my food processor so I don't even need it for that.

  • mamakmamak Raw Newbie

    thanks! I did contact the store I purchased it from and they sent me a customer service number for Champion so I'll be calling them this week. I think the biggest problem is that the screen keeps getting clogged and that is backing up the whole process.

    I would be awesome to sell it and be able to get a cheaper juicer and maybe a cheap dehydrator to boot.

  • Mamak,

    I am one of those people who love their champion So lets see if I can help. Champion does make a larger hole screen if you think it is your screen. The juice it exracts is alway "thicker" then other juicers because it "chews " it and does not spin. It does back up I just let it run without pushig for a while and it goes thru eventually. Don't try to

    push hard when juicing, it likes to take it's time. If you bought it used you might have a dull blade. But I don't think so. I hope you find peace with your champion. It really is worth it.

  • mamakmamak Raw Newbie

    Thanks Nancy. I will try your tips. My one friend has a green star and said she loves her Champion better so I just kept wondering what I'm doing wrong.

    I purchased it new. I don't think bigger hole in the screen will help per say. It seems like the pulp keeps blocking the screen and the juice can't get out. The pulp doesn't kick out quickly either and is not completely dry. Is that normal?

  • The pulp should not be completely dry I always run the pulp thru one to two more times then it starts to send out little balls of carrot pulp. ( I save it for raw bread) I hope the tips work for you. Champion does say you can run pulp thru several times. If it does start to heat up turn it off and wait a few minutes for cooling. But still my best advice is to just let the plunger sit on top of the backing up pulp and do something else for a minute it should take

    care of it's self. : )

  • I have the Breville Juice fountain and juice greens in it daily and find it works great. I throw entire lemons (split in half) and it juices them great doing minimal prep. If the suggestions above don't work, I would recommend this juicer, and I am a newbie at juicing too...

  • Hi - just wondering how the juicer is going now.

    I bought a Compact juicer (basically the same as the Champion), and I have very similar problems. In fact, if I don't push the food in hard (well, food like carrot and apple eg) then it just won't move!

    Have you figured out a way to get it working better, or have you given up?

  • Champion Juicer - Older vs. Newer

    I used a friend's older Champion juicer over the summer and it worked great (the pulp came out dry, no backing up of pulp in the chute, no foam and there was hardly any pulp to strain out) so I decided to get one. I was SO disappointed with my new purchase - the pulp came out wet, the pulp backed up in the chute, there was a lot of pulp and foam in the juice and the juice became warm, especially if I put the pulp through again.

    I called the manufacturer and was told that it may be a defective product so they had it picked up by UPS and shipped back to the company in California. He called and said he tried it and it worked as expected, although, he would send me a new machine in return. (Must have cost a fortune for shipping twice since I live on the east coast!) When I tried the new machine, it was a little better, not much.

    He did tell me that you need to push the food through fast. If you push it through slow it heats the juice up. I told him how disappointed I am with the machine and he said that, because of safety standards imposed by the gov't, that they had to make some changes to it...?!?!?!

    I still use mine but I'm not real happy with it.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Well used newer Champ.

    I have an Omega for celery and greens. Then a Champion for the harder foods. I bought the Champion over a year ago. I have had no problems, and for a year I had to drink 2 quarts of carrot juice a day! I don't expect this juicer to be like my Omega. They both have there good and bad sides. I only put the first couple carrot pulp back in a second time. The rest I leave for the garden. It seems to much pulp causes problems. Especially if one is not VERY patient. The second go through will also give to much foam.

    I would like to say, the centrifugal type will not give you raw juice!!!!!

  • pepenelopepepenelope Raw Newbie

    I have the Breville Juice fountain and juice greens in it daily and find it works great. I throw entire lemons (split in half) and it juices them great doing minimal prep. If the suggestions above don't work, I would recommend lemon squeeze/juicer, and I am a newbie at juicing too...

     Yes, Breville or anything, its juicer is great. I have been using another ordinary home juicer for a long time, and I find that the pulp is not always fully dried, and Breville does better. If you juice, you can be 70 years old but still have 60 years of energy!

  • lizablizab Raw Newbie

    I think it is a great injustice and I'm not sure how I may help you with your current problem, but I may advice you to buy a special juicer for vegetables next time. I may explain why:

    -First of all vegetables are tougher then fruits or berries and such vegetables juicers are made for such products. That means it may work perfect with every fruit as well as with every vegetable. 
    -Secondly, as a rule, it has a special container for useless pulp. 

    Anyway, I may say that my parents gave me such a juicer and I've used it couple of times as I really like smoothies and so on and this juicer done its work pretty well. 

  • BombardonBombardon Raw Newbie

    I also use Breville Juice fountain, it works just fine on my part.

  • aletheaaaletheaa Raw Newbie
    edited July 27

    If the juicer’s top cover tends to be clogged up because of the pulp, then one reason could be that you’re using an extremely high speed that it has a hard time moving the pulp from the chute and transferring it to the pulp container. What it does is it releases the pulp, instead, in the sense that it hits the top cover’s upper portion.
    One way to fix this is to turn the juicing machine off. Dismantle the cover then remove the collected pulp from it. Once done, put it back to the centrifugal juicer. Start juicing again but this time, at a slower speed. You should also consider pushing down the food to the chute slowly so you can also let the blades of the juicer process it at a much slower pace.
    Wet pulp also requires you to check the machine’s filter basket. You also have to check whether there are clogs in the mesh or if the blades are coated with food fibers. The mentioned issues might block the proper juicing of foods, causing the liquid to move away from the juicer together with the pulp. This can result in the pulp getting wetter than usual.

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