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Great Raw food in DC, Howard area: Take Out Only


Everlasting Life

I am so excited to be tasting some new and exciting raw food. I have been a long time follower of Soul Vegetarian Restaurant’s in Atlanta and now in DC, but they also have a chain called Everlasting Life, which has raw and cooked vegan food. When I was not eating raw, I remember seeing a raw section.

Oh my goodness!!!! I ordered 2 salads, the cost is about $5.50. It actually comes with 3 salads.

The third salad, wooooooooah!!! The dressing is like something I’ve never tasted before. I ordered kale…... all I have to say is you have to taste it to believe (I’m actually eating it now) it. There is so much flavor, it is bursting with it! I also ordered the marinated mushrooms. Everything is perfect. The restaurant also sells vegan smoothies, shakes, juice, and cakes.

I just e-mailed them to see if they could give a un-cooked class. This is a jewel here in DC. Oh! and they cater!!! http://www.everlastinglife.net/catering/caterin… (the salads)

This is a grocery store with food in the back.

2928 Georgia Ave. NW Washington DC, 20001 (202) 232-1700 Mon – Sat: 9:00am – 9:00pm; Sun: 11:00am – 7:00pm


  • Awesome… we’ve been wanting to try it. Thanks for the review!

  • This is where I live (northern va) and have been looking/hoping for a raw restaurant! I heard this place closed down though. Not true??

  • No, it is very much open! I cannot wait to go back the kale salad is sooo amazing!!

    They e-mailed me back they sale a cook book online. I’m assuming it has both their Everlasting Life raw and vegan recipes.

  • Sounds great! Which was the 3rd salad and dressing that made you say Yowza? :) How much is their cook book online? I don’t see it…

  • The kale salad!!!! Here is the website eatthecure.com where you can order the Food for life Cook Book.

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