How long does it take to Detox?

I have been 100% raw for about a month and a half now. I did not gradually transition…I just jumped from vegetarian to 100% raw. Does anyone know, or have any personal experience on how long it takes to go through detoxification? I have been extremely exhausted lately and I do not like it. I read that it can take up to a year. What do you think?


  • Hi Leafekat,

    I do not know how long it takes to detox it varies from person to person I think. In my case it is still going on to some degree, I am into this 90 days and I am still having sypmtoms and weird events (mostly to do with elimination) I was tired and achy the first month, and 2 months into it I got the energy boost I heard about. My skin broke out now its (not to brag) but amazingly soft and clear. It gets better, these are toxins and who knows what else leaving your body…lots of peace and blessings dea

  • Thanks Deasmiles. It makes me feel good to hear what is going on with other people. Sometimes I worry that I am not eating the right amount of foods or I am doing something wrong but I am pretty sure its just detox. I did notice I have been breaking out more than I ever did in the past.

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