Vitamix VS. Department Store Blenders

Hi all,

I recently purchased a $200 Krups KB 720 Blender as an upgrade to my $30 Oster thats 10 years old now. The old one is 400 watts and the new unit is 1000 watts, and after blending multiple smoothies, I can say that there isn't enough of a difference between the two to justify spending $200. I was really thinking of getting a Vitamix blender but their incredibly overpriced, and from past experiences, I have learned that a lot of raw foodist's blindly admire certain "raw lifestyle" products, even though there are better products or comparable products on the market which generally cost less and do the same job fairly well.

So my question is, is the Vitamix blender really worth its whopping price-tag, or is it simply over-loved and can I use a department store blender and experience the same results? Has anyone ever had a Vitamix, and wasn't too happy with how it worked, or didn't live up to all its hype?

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