Greetings from Asia

Hello everyone. Quick introduction: I am a Canadian teacher working in Taiwan. I just starting going raw mid-December, with hopes of ending my IBS troubles and being fit and healthy in general. I am so grateful for finding this website; the recipes alone have been a godsend.


  • Hi formosa!

    I am in Thailand myself and the selection of food differs much from what is common use for many of the recipes on goneraw. Maybe the Taiwan market has similar greens as Thailand?

    I'd love to share recipes with all asian dwellers on the site.

  • Good to meet you, corecries! I'm happy to find someone else in my neck of the woods---or more like jungle. I've been to Thailand a few times and know the food variety is similar, yes. I don't know about you but I can't find regular kale here, although there are tons of Asian greens available, many of which I don't even know the English names of, so I have been trying out different things weekly.

    Have you met anyone else on here from Asia? It seems like most a North American or European, so I often feel out of the loop for some ingredients. Anyways, yes I hope we can keep in contact!

    First Asian-inspired recipe (although it's not that creative!): I had a wheatgrass and pineapple smoothie at a store the other day and it was surprisingly good. Very grassy but pleasant with the pineapple. I can't find wheatgrass here and don't feel like ordering kits off the web, so I just made up my own local version:

    half a pineapple

    several leaves of choi sum (the green kale-like plant with the tiny yellow flower in it)

    a piece of ginger (thumb-tip size)

    Whiz in the blender! I've also added an apple and some cinnamon, which was also good.

    Thanks for introducing yourself and I hope to hear from you again!

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