Problem with chocolate

Hi all

I have recently started making raw chocolates, which have had very good feedback from all who've tried them. However, some batches I made recently came out great, whereas others just would not set properly, however long I left them in the fridge. Most of the chocolate was set, but the top (bottom, in the mould) was still sticky. I had to re-melt them and I tried experimenting with using a larger proportion of cacao butter and a smaller proprtion of agave syrup etc but to no avail. (For info, the only ingredients were: cacao butter, cacao powder, and agave syrup, along with whatever flavouring, e.g. chopped goji berries etc). Does anyone know why this would be?

Also, some of them separated out slightly, i.e. the cacao butter largely formed one layer and whatever else I used formed a different layer. This especially applies to white chocolate, i.e the vanilla essence and agave forms a layer on its own. Is there any kind of raw, vegan emulsifier I could use? Any help would be most appreciated!

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