How to post a picture of a recipe

Hi, I was wondering, how the heck do I post a picture for my recipe on here? I tried going to "attach pictures", and have done so about a dozen times, but my pictures never get saved or show up. What's up with that?



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    Bump! Any words of wisdom here?

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    My photos wont publish either, they did on the old site before the updates... So I believe the settings are lower now and the higher pixels are too much for the settings... I don't know how to reduce my pixel size but someone here can help and have in the past... I just couldn't follow their instructions, maybe if you search you will find the directions...

    I have given Ray "feedback" on each of my recipes so maybe he will have the time and knowledge to solve this problem soon as I know he has to be tired of hearing this from me... LOL

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    I would also like to know how to do this...

    and also I'd like to know why the recipe pictures are so tiny now? At least, most of them are. I liked it when the pictures were all bigger! :-(

    Poor Kandace and Ray - I'm sure they get tired of hearing it from everyone - it's probably not just you! lol

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    KhaasLadki~ I just copied your comment from the other forum for a possible answer here, hope you don't mind...


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    gratefultobe - I had this problem, too. It took me 3 or 4 tries to figure it out! I had to delete my photo, then make sure my new photo's dimensions were 85x85 or less (you can resize it on or on your computer, most of the time), and then uploaded it and it worked. I guess it's supposed to resize them and it just doesn't! Good luck on getting your photo up!

  • Thx for the comment, waterbaby. It actually finally worked!

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