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Hi and i have a question. I will like to detox my liver? how can i go about that?should i buy one of this at the natural health store or can i do it at home?never done this before. Here is the reason why i want to do it.I notice my hand and feet orange/yellowish, i juice almost everyday carrots,red pepper,tomatoe and celery and drink this twice a day. I also got a yr ago 5 shots of vaccine(against my will) for inmigration purpose,after those shots i became very ill, for a week i got 406 fever,a headache that was killing me and 6 months later i was diagnose hypothhyroid with 2 nodules on my thyroids. I actuall;y take levothyroxin(hormone replacement for thyroid) and also alprazolam(xanax)ocacionally for social anxiety. I became vegan from agust to the end of november.On december i eat chicken and drink alchohol). I started experiencing a bother on my right side(not sure if is my right ovary,liver or whatever else is in that area)i'm a bit concearn but not something for me to rush to the DR or anything like that. I want to start vegan again and want to do a liver detox but have no idea on how to do it,for how long or how to start. Any advice??Thanks a bunch for reading,it means a lot to me. God Bless!


  • malchusmom~ It is my understanding that one should do a colon cleanse before a liver cleanse... If you don't clean the colon first than whatever is cleaned from the liver is caught up in the mess in the colon and you still contain the toxins and debris...

    I plan to do a liver cleanse after I finish with my colon cleanse... Like you, I'm not sure what to use but I remember reading some great information on this site about 6 mo or a yr ago... Will do a search when I'm ready, you might want to search too....

  • Yes, as waterbaby12347....I would suggest a colonix before your cleanse. Here is a thread that describes the Liver Cleanse by Andreas Moritz that our family has done. I highly suggest purchasing his book. It goes into so much more detail about the why's and how's. One of my favorite chapters discusses how you can identify certain health problems by lines and spots on our faces and more. Very interesting! In his book, he also tells you how to do a kidney cleanse. I cannot say enough about his book and the information he provides about the ins and outs of our bodies.

    Once you start you really should continue for 12 months or until you see no more stones. When you see no more stones you should do two more months. You can find a brief description of the book at the following bookstore...

    "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" by Andreas Moritz 0r the revised book is called

    "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" by Andreas Moritz.

    We have both books...the only difference we found between the two books were the titles.

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    i just got back from hole foods and bought milk thysle for the liver detox,i had no idea i need it to clean my colon first, i'll try to start that first tomorrow,i'm thinking on doing a juice fasting(saw a post here on someone doing it that way) for 7 days and then will start taking the pills. HOw about drinking flax seed with water 3 times a day,will that help clean?I order the book, thanks simplyraw for telling me about it,can't wait to get it,find it on amazon for $9.99(org price $42.00) and thanks waterbaby for responding. I want to get the more knowledge as posible before i start doing this deep cleansing on my body. God Bless!

  • SimplyRaw~ Thank you so much for making my search easier by giving it to me, you are an angel... smile

    I too have ordered the book but don't have a"kindle" so it was a little more expensive about fourteen dollars with tax and shipping not too bad...

    I also read another website and am now wondering about the walnut oil and lemon juice instead of the EVOO and apple juice, it said the walnut oil is more palatable... Have you ever tried it or know anyone who has???

  • Hi Malchusmom! I wanted to let you know that although your hands and feet may be orange/yellowish in colour, that does not necessarily mean that your liver is not functioning properly. Sometimes my hands are yellowish in colour too! I talked with my doctor about this and she said that your hand/foot colour isn't as important as the colouring in the whites of your eyes. By looking at the colour of the whites of your eyes, it gives you a better indication of how your liver is functioning. I find that when I am 100% raw, the whites or my eyes are incredibly white, and if I change that diet even slightly, the whites of my eyes tend to be dimmer. Another sign of poor liver function can be what is called referred pain. It's kind of odd, but your liver doesn't have the same pain sensors as other parts of your body. Sometimes if your liver is stressed, or not working properly, you can feel stiffness/pain in your right shoulder (referred pain). If you google referred pain, there are many diagrams that you can get online that show how irritation of your liver or other organs can cause pain in other areas of the body. Having said all this, doing a liver cleanse is a great idea even if you have a happy liver!

    I'm glad that you have ordered Moritz's book! It is a great read and the author raises many valid points about detection and prevention. Oh the joys of listening to and understanding our bodies! I wish you the best!

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    thanks so much rachee for responding.I was thinking the same thing,i've heard about the yellow in the eye and thank God i don't have that.What i notice is a small bother in the rib under my right breast(2 month ago i went for a mamo and ultrasound and they came back fine),but i touch it and it bothers but i don't feel any lump or anything. You know what?4 months ago i went to see this lady and she did a Bio-Energetic Screening(is use to screen organs and function of the body) and she told me that my liver was angry,stress,she told me to let go all anger i had inside(really this past year was suuuperstress for me)i'm managing the stress btter now but i think my liver is kind of stress.Anyways,today i'm starting a 7 days fasting only juice and then will do the liver cleanse.

  • Waterbaby12347 -

    We have only used the EVOO during our liver cleanse. Sorry, I am not familiar with the walnut oil and lemon juice technique. Would be interested in checking out the website you mentioned though. When you receive your book you will see that Andreas Moritz goes into great detail of why he uses the methods he uses and what they do within your body. You truly will find every page is full of valuable information about understanding our bodies and better health. A treasure. After we experienced our first liver cleanse and had such amazing results, we did not search further.

    Happy to hear you and malchusmom ordered the book. I don't think you will be disappointed at all. I posted the link to the bookstore so you could see a better description of the book. At the GR thread I provided with the instructions for the liver cleanse... I posted that you could use amazon to purchase the books.

    For some reason "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" is a lot cheaper than the other book on amazon. At the same thread, you can also read about our experience during our first liver cleanse.

    I apologize I did not pay much attention to the price though when I first posted. I purchased "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" at my local health food store for $9.99. I later purchased "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" for about the same price at amazon. Well all and is always best to shop around. ;) Rachee - Thanks for Sharing! I learned something and much appreciated your post. :) Malchusmom - It sounds like you are on your way to better health. If you are not already aware of might also be interested in checking out

    You reminded me of myself...carrying anger and stress...learning to release it. I say these words to you, as well as a reminder to myself...Be Kind to Yourself. You will be in my thoughts and I wish you the Best on your journey!! Much TLC!! :)

    Waterbaby123347 - Friend, it is nice to hear from you. I always enjoying seeing your posts. May the Universe surround you with much Love and Happiness!

    Many Smiles!!

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