Coconut Cream/butter/concentrate?

I was wondering...where do you buy your cocount butter? I couldn't find it in any store so I went on ebay and ordered the Tropical Traditions brand coconut cream concentrate, which was $20 for 32 oz. In my opinion, that is rather expensive. What price do you usually pay for it? And what is the difference, if any, between coconut butter and coconut cream concentrate? Thanks!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    coconut butter is the meat and oil blended together and coconut cream concentrate is pure meat with no water in it. i've never bought it, but when i look online, that's around the price range i see for it.

    i always go on when i buy things online because they compare all the prices. i haven't been able to find it in stores either.

  • Pure coconut? No wonder it's expensive.

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