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making RAW tahini

anybody have any good ideas on how to make marantha smooth quality and tasty home made tahini? i made some in a green star…ran the raw dry sesame seeds through it 3-4 times (with the open chute) and it is still lumpy and not like that sold in stores!!! yikes -


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Maybe if you tried grinding the seeds in a food processor and pushing them towards the blade a few times, like you would a nut butter? It might work… I’m not sure, haven’t tried, but I will soon. Also, don’t buy marantha brand anything… They are self proclaimed NOT raw. There are different more reliable brands out there.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I make mine in the vitamix and it always comes out super smooth. Do you have a blender?

  • self proclaimed not raw?

    The almond butter says Raw on it, wouldnt that be false advertising or something?

  • Coconutty, do you soak the sesame seeds before blending in the VM or just grind them up dry? Do you add any water or oil? I just have a cheap-o blender but I might give it a try. Then again, maybe the coffee grinder would work better.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie


    They actually say, it’s not really raw.

  • Wow – it certainly sounds that way if the food is heated enough throught the grinding process to kill any bacteria.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    raw_earth: I haven’t done a sprouted tahini yet, guess I’m just that lazy… I haven’t made it in a good while, I know for sure I didn’t need to add oil to it… I might have added some water though. I’ll have to go make some and get back to ya on that one, and I’ll be a “good raw fooder” and soak my seeds first! let ya know how it goes!

  • Thanks, coconutty! :)

  • After seeing this thread, I decide to make some tahini. I had a half full bag of seaseme seeds and didn’t know what to do with them. Someone gave them to me because they didn’t want them – I am not sure if they are raw or not (they are Wild Oats unhulled ones – not roasted). But I wanted to use them up anyhow.

    I have a Blendtec which is excellent for making nut butters. I made raw peanut butter once and it turned out great.

    You definatley need a good blender to make nut butter – if you don’t have a good one, I would pre-grind the seeds in coffee grinder first – get them as fine as you can. Then use the high speed with water to help the blender so you don’t fry your blender. Just add small amounts of water as you go.

    Even with my Blendtec I need to add some water to help it along at time or it will overheat.

    I have a “Grind Grains” setting on my BlendTec (which is good because my bf broke the coffee grinder the the other day!) which works like a coffee grinder and I used that first and got the nuts ground up fine than I followed the directions they have (you get a nice recipe book with the KTEC) which is basically just using one of the highest speeds for 50 seconds intervals and than you use a spatula to scrape the butter towards the blade between blends – You keep doing this until butter is nice and smooth.

    I also added some grey celtic salt to mine as it was bitter by itself.

    Oh, I didn’t soak my seeds – I just threw them in there dry. No oil either.

    I turned out pretty smooth. A few grainies – but good enough for me. I probably could have kept blending to make it smoothier. I probably added a bit too much water and it was more on the liquidy side but I put it in the frig so it will probably thicken up.

  • I make my own tahine on the vitamix (raw sesame seeds,water and oil) and make Hummus (tahine,lemon,water,parsley,soaked chick pea -3 days,and salt or braggs) just delicious !!!

  • i appreciate the experiences as there was not much input out there on the net. what kind of oil are you using? sesame oil? olive oil?

    so it seems vitamix wins out over the green star when it comes to making tahini???

    i make excellent almond butter in my cuisinart :) i suppose it could also make the tahini as well?!

    thanks all for the input!

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