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There are times I would like to communicate with another member privately. Keeping i n mind it is imperative that anyone contacted have the right to refuse that contact, I hope you will consider an option like those offered by many other sites where via Gone Raw an email is sent to the user without ever revealing the member's email address. Then the member can to choose to respond or ignore the direct communication. Sometimes there is information you would like to share with someone that you just don't want to publicly post.

On another note, I am often moving back and forth between forums. It would be more efficient if at the top of any threads in a forum we had a direct link to other forums instead of just moving back one level. In other words, if I am in Health & Beauty, I could click a link that would take me directly into the Other Stuff forum without having to back down to the main forum and choose a new forum.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. :)


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    Meditating, this thread is a great idea. I agree with both of your suggestions. Neither the thread nor the ideas should come as any great surprise. You always post such fantastic and well-thought-out ideas.

    The ability to navigate from page to page within a thread from the top of the page would also be helpful. As it is, you can only navigate from the bottom of the page.

    I like the consolidated nature of the "Track" feature. I wish there was also the option to see a member's individual posts the way it was before this fabulous upgrade. Sometimes I know "who said it" but not on which thread, even when it's my own posting. Let's see . . . does that qualify as a "senior moment?" ;-) Oh well, it will happen to all of us sooner or later. But I've digressed here. Back on topic . . . Finding the exact post can be an arduous task. There are some posts that I'd like to go back and edit a bit, but I can't find them. I also miss the site chronological listing of posts.

    I love being able to edit responses both in the threads and in recipes. I'll be glad when the delete post option returns. There are several duplicate posts I'd like to delete. I always feel like such an "oof" when I duplicate a response.

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