Toxic vitamin?detox?liver? plz read.....

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OMG! it was sooo hard to fall sleep last night thinking all this questions. I thank God for a website like this,pls,if you read it and don't have all the answers at leats speak your mind on anything,i will thank you 4 ever.(((HUGS))))

I'm drinking 3 to 4 glasses a day of carrot juice mix with other veggies.OK, after writing i notice i got too many questions,i will do them in a numeric list,can you please answer them in that order if you have a ny knowledge about it??i greatly appreciate it!!!

1-i've read that too much vit A can be toxic for the liver,is it true??

2-since i started juicing i kind of feel some disconfort(not pain)on my right side(liver area)is this normal?is this the liver detoxing?

3-do you know how long does it takes to clean the liver?

4- I'm juicing dandelion leaves twice a day,how ofter and how much should i use?

5-I bough milk thyrsle(to detox the liver)should i do it along with the juicing and dandelion?

6-my forehead is breaking out in pimples(i have dry skin,never suffer from acne)is that part of the detox process)??

7-The last question,(Just for the Ladies to read =-), when your body is totally detoxing does your ovaries and vagina also detox or suffers some kind of discharge??? =-0


  • Hello, there. I'm kind of new to being raw and haven't followed a diet quite like yours, but i have dandelion root tea and it says you should only have it for a month and then take a 6 month break and then use it again. The pain in your side could be your liver detoxing, but it doesn't need to be painful. If you use edible epson salt and olive oil and lemon juice you can make kidney stones softer and make more bile for your liver. (please do a search for liver/kidney detox with those ingredients and you'll find the process I'm talking about) But you should probably take a break after doing a detox, maybe only once a month instead of every day for a month.

    I also suffered acne after changing my eating habits to be healthier, and the only way I could control it was with a green clay mask every night before bed. I highly recommend it!

    I also noticed the increased discharge and irritation in my girly regions, sometimes I think you body just detoxes wherever it can find some room! If all of your organs are too busy then it manifests in other areas. I know your post is a bit old now, I hope you have had better luck and are feeling healthy!

  • it might also be coincidentally aligned with your ovulation cycle too, as far as the discharge is concerned. otherwise i don't know.

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    if your looking to cleanse your liver the best way to do it is via bitters.

    digestive bitters stimulate the bitter receptors at the back of the tongue which in turn stimulates the vagus nerve to release stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, bile secretion and effectively flushes the liver. Because it cleanses the liver so well be sure to up your water intake to avoid feeling rough for abit.


  • Since a lot of your questions have already been addressed, I will just try to answer your question relating to vitamin A. Vitamin A converted from carrots has not been shown to be toxic since beta-carotine is stored in your fat cells until needed and then converted to vitamin A as your body needs it(have you noticed your skin getting darker or more orange in tint?). I think what you read was referring to vitamin A supplements and not any of the carotonid sources which are precursors to Vitamin A.

    Best of health to you.

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