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Thrive Restaurant in Seattle

Just wanted to tell all you Seattle people that I tried Thrive (the new raw restaurant) and I LOVED IT!!!! The food is so so so so good and the people are really nice. We had both appetizers and the pasta pomadoro and everything was amazing. I want them to do well so they won't close down like Dalene's....so give it a try if you haven't already, it's really yummy!


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I had the chili and the chocolate mocha yumminess (chocolate coffee torte) when I was there, and they were both very good. The Shine smoothie with pineapple, coconut water and coconut butter is also great! I plan to go there regularly. We're having meetups on Sundays from 4-7pm, so please come and join us! LOL.

  • Where is it located? I want to tell my girlfriend who lives up there to check it out.

  • achin-Good to know about the Sunday meetups, I might have to check it out! I'm glad you liked the chili, I am going there tonight and I think I will have that.

    soyvey- the restuarant is on NE 65th St. in Seattle, kinda in the middle of a little strip of shops. I couldn't find parking when I went and had to park at the QFC up the street and walk. One side is the restaurant and the other side is a raw food store, so it's really worth it to go down there, have a bite, and do some shopping!

  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie

    I've been meaning to try that place since I heard about it. Perhaps once of these days I'll leave my comfort zone and head up to the north-end and try this place out.

  • Oooooh!!!! I know the first place I'm going to eat when I get back in town :)

  • OoOo, We went again last night and tried the chili and the teriyaki noodles....they were both soooo good. My non raw boyfriend who doesn't really like anything I make ordered the noodles and ate the whole thing and LOVED it. Now I have tried all the entrees and they are extremely tasty, probably the best raw dishes I've ever had. I also had the chocolate coconutty smoothie which was really good. I just love this place and I want to go there everyday!!!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Here's the website and the address:


    1026 NE 65th St, #A-102

    Seattle, WA 98115


  • Somebody on another forum claims this place isn't really raw ...


    I wouldn't know, having never been there myself, but thought it was worth mentioning.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    They do have a couple cooked grain bowls to give people a choice, but pretty much everything else is raw. They do use nutritional yeast, nama shoyu, and perhaps a couple other ingredients that are not technically raw. :)

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    I'll have to check it out sometime. I rarely drive to Seattle though. I dislike driving in big cities where I can hit stuff too easily. No parking is even worse for me. LOL

    What are the prices like?

  • In my opinion, it is a little pricey for the amount of food that you get, but I try to remind myself that they are using really high quality ingredients and they are just opening. Maybe prices will drop once they become more established? It's about $12 for their entrees which isn't that bad, but I feel like you have to get a salad and some appetizers for it to be filling. I also have a ginormous appetite though so maybe I just eat way more than everyone else. Either way, it's delicious, and I think the price is worth it, and I will continue to eat there.

    Oh! And I also wanted to add that parking can be tough right out front, but there are lots of other places to park easily. I have actually only not been able to park right out front once, and in that case I parked in the Whole Foods parking lot which is directly across the street.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    the comment in the other forum seemed rather ignorant. i have never had that experience there. they are always totally open about the ingredients and the soup is offered heated (for SAD folks who probably complained when it was cold!) or cold. why a raw person would try to tear down a raw restaurant is beyond me. very sad.

    i love the moca pie and the thai soup the best. but i haven't tried everything yet.

  • Thats what I was thinking Bitt- I want to try really hard and support these businesses so they stick around. She did go on to say that she did go back for smoothies. I haven't had any trouble getting information about recipes either. Glad to hear you like the thai soup-I'm gonna try that next!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    although i am still very supportive of this restaurant and i have been fairly happy with the food no one i take there likes it lately. the food can be inconsistent. my mom hated all the food and she usually likes raw food. my husband thinks he can make better food himself. sigh. i really want them to do well but it does seem sad when raw restaurants don't do as well as i'd like them to.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    wow we have been thinking of going here but cant afford a bad experience (we have toddlers so its gotta be edible for their palates) Consistency is key in a good restaraunt but also hard to acheive if you are using seasonal local ingredients.

    Maybe we will check it out when were on a date.

  • I would have to try it out sometime....Sounds great!

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I took a class at Thrive this weekend on Sprouting and it was great! Very informed instructor and a lot of fun. I plan on taking more classes - it's nice to talk to someone who is very passionate about raw and to meet other students in the community.

    I try to stop in and buy something about once a week. It is spendy, but the ingredients are expensive and they don't use fillers other non-raw restaurants can get away with in their desserts. A LOT of coconut, avacado, and nuts go into the desserts and that is not cheap. I am allergic to most of their meals outside of dessert - but I'm told their desserts are really the main attraction (and I LOVE them - banana mousse, white chocolate mousse, and the chocolate orange cremesicle are my favorites). I love the coconutty smoothie and the ginger lemonade. The food can be a little inconsistent, but the desserts are always so great - and that's what keeps me coming back. I took a couple non raw friends in from out of town there for the chocolate mousse and they kept asking to go back!

    So far as them not being raw... It depends on how purist you are. They do tend to use agave in a lot of their recipes and there is debate as to whether or not suppliers actually process lower than 115 degrees. I'm not sure if the cashews are from a completely raw source - I haven't asked. Cacao is often fermented higher than 115, so finding that truly raw is rare. They are definitely raw enough for me and it is great to have a break every now and then from food prep. I recommend the desserts and smoothies to friends as I can't speak to the other dishes... although I did have a phenomenal curry there that wasn't in the menu yet. Anything that is heated is clearly stated as such on the menu and the staff is VERY helpful.

    I think I'll try to hit the meetup next Monday :) Anyone go to the Monday meetings?

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    wow didnt know there were so many seattle-ites here. I just moved moved back to CA from there. I'll have to check it out next time I am up. Would have been nice to meet up with someone of you guys for potlucks and such!


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