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50% Less Fat Avocado

germin8germin8 Raw Master

just thinking aloud We were just at a grocery store where we saw a Florida avocado with a label “35% less calories 50% less fat” I couldn’t believe it! What are they doing to the avocado… that’s just the kind of fat we DO want. Hmmmm.


  • yeah! i bought one by mistake (it was reduced, and the price was over the label. my mind just thought “ooh cheap ripe avo – swipe”) and it was nasty. not creamy, not nutty, just sorta bland and er watery i guess.

    wrong, wrong wrong!

  • Yeah I tried one- it was gross..

  • Somewhere along the way I read something about Florida Avos having less calories/fat than CA Avos.. not sure why, or how -but it may just be the species or the environment in which theyre grown. <shrug>

  • I agree. I have always thought that there are many different species of avocados. I think that your 50% less avo was just a marketing scheme to sell another species and not some freaky genetic modification (I hope). In Chile, they use the watery avocados for making all kinds of yummy avocado spreads and shakes. A little lighter, but just as much potential for goodness. I love em when they’re fatty, I love em when they’re light.

  • Just like apples there are several different types of avocados in the world (over 20). I just picked up one at the grocery store yesterday that’s twice the size of a Hass and has a bright green skin that does not darken as the fruit rippens. I’m excited to try it.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that there is a chance it’s not geneticially modified. My husband thinks the “fine print” read, ”...when compared to California avocados”. whew These were the big more-green avocados.

  • juleskess that does sound quite tasty actually, i saw a recipe once for some pineapple avocado lime shake which i can imagine working well with the less fat varieties.

    perhaps they do have their place after all…they are avocadoes, and i do love them unconditionally..

  • Mix that bad boy up with some nut milk, a blender full of ice, a pinch of sea salt and a big dollop of agave, and oooh baby. You have what my former favorite bubble tea joint likes to call an avocado snow. It’s an avocado somethin alright.

  • I saw one too, would not touch it,man made junk to me.

  • I accidentally tried the non-Haas kind and was sorely disappointed. I love the fatty avocados- and since it’s “good fat” I don’t worry about the fat content.

  • I bought one, and man, that thing is just bad news….

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