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Infant Fevers

Hi all, so I am a raw mom to a raw food baby and last night he got his first ever fever (he’s 11.5 months) Seemed to be caused by his molars coming in. Didn’t worry too much about it until it went up to 103 degrees F. Was putting cool cloths on his body and tried some homeopathic tablets of Belladonna but nothing was working. Finally decided to get some Tylenol (he’s never had ANY drugs or anything unnatural and me neither since becoming pregnant) Looked at the baby tylenol which contained a long list of things like corn syrup, propylene glycol, and dyes!!! That really pissed me off so opted to just shave off a bit of a regular adult pill and gave that to him. Anyway this all went against everything I believe in but it did do the trick and for that I am grateful, just wondering if anyone knows of any natural cures for fevers so I can be prepared if this happens again. Thanks.


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    :) rawmama writing to rawmumma :) There is a tylenol out there without dye for infants, but still would rather do the natural thing too as you did. I do have some things that have worked for our babies in the past… Put powdered mustard powder in their socks. Sounds weird, but our first baby had a fever that would not quit! We had a contractor working on our house and he told me about this working for his son and it seriously broke her fever! It is messy, take the socks off over the bath tub. Second idea was from a book I have called Macrobiotics and Pregnancy (will get the total title tomorrow when my daughter isn’t sleeping, the book is in her room). It says to take the juice of an apple and bring it to a bit of a slow boil with a few grains of sea salt, stirring constantly. Remove it from heat, let it cool off a bit, and when a safe temp, feed 1 Tablespoon to your baby. Third idea, which I haven’t done myself, but a friend that always went to a naturopath doctor did, she says enemas always got rid of the fever for her babies, and she had 5, helping to get rid of toxins that need to get out. I was just not sure about doing it myself, and the fevers broke before I asked her to come over and show us how to do that to an infant. I hope this helps :)

  • Rawmumma I would definately try an enema. The practice used to be so commonplace but somewhere along the way with the advent of the pharmaceutical industry enemas have fallen out of favor. Not glamorous but effective for cleansing the body of immediate toxins so it can start to heal. ;-)

    You can buy an over the counter fleet type enema package. Just dump out the chemical junk and refill it with purified water. The directions ususally say use 1/3 to 1/2 the dose of an adult dosage. I think they even make infant/child enema syringes.

  • I’ve always used the cool bath…I would just get into the tub with my babies filled with cool water. 10 min in, 20 out, etc.

    I’ve also tried the infant enema. Both have worked for my babies.

  • Thanks for the great suggestions ladies. It’s funny I have looked to enemas for myself in times of illness but it didn’t occur to me to try it for him. I think in the future we will just get on to the cold cloths faster too. We just bought a thermometer when all this was happening so next time it will be easier to tell if his temp is getting too high. Now he has this rash everywhere that looks an awful lot like the measles. Poor guy!

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