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Wow, it has been a long time since I posted a topic, hopefully this may help some of you. I have gotten shampoo out of my life some time ago and I wanted to post some shampoo alternatives, however I got busy with everything else that I am doing. One of my favorite alternatives is Aritha. It is made from a soap nut and it is a powder you can find in your local Indian store. I am sure there is a place online where you can get it. Other alternatives that I use is shikakai powder, and bentonite clay. I think the bentonite clay is easier to wash out than the shikakai powder. I tend to dilute the products with more water to make it a little runny instead of pasty. All of these products should be in the hair no more than 5 minutes, or it will dry it out your hair like no other. An option for the shikakai powder or aritha is to mix it with alma powder which is a conditioner. These products can be messy but it is an alternative that doesn't strip your hair, it makes a nice paste and it is made from fruit, or nuts. These are not raw products but neither is shampoo, so I find it a better alternative. :)

I bought the bentonite clay at Whole foods, I use it more as a face mask than anything else. The powders I get at my local Indian store. For natural color changes you can use henna. I provided a good site for the Henna below. Something that I thought was pretty cool is you can use marshmallow to provide a little slip to the hair to make detangling easier, it gets slimy like flax seed. That mucilage in marshmallow is awesome. Make a tea with the marshmallow root, let it cool and add to hair after you finish shampoo and/ condition the hair. Flax seed slime can be used as a light gel in the hair but the slime cannot be stored longer than a week when refrigerated. I learned a trick to use the knee highs to squeeze the gel out of the flax seeds. I would use very clean knee highs, that way you can use the flax seeds for flax crackers. Before I forget, I love using aloe vera (the actual plant) as a frizz buster, and light gel. You can also consume the aloe vera which is something I like to do.

That is all I will include for now to prevent this post from being too long. If you have any questions I will try and respond as soon as I can, but school just started again and I get busy. :)

To find a local Indian store near you

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    Joesc, the cosmetic database really was an eye opener. I've pretty much gone au natural lately, but some of the products I used in the past and thought were the best didn't rate very well. Thanks for sharing.

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    You are welcome. :)

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