Coconut Milk vs. Nut Milks

I recently made a batch of coconut milk and it was so delightful. Naturally sweet and good. it made me wonder if it wasn't the better way to go? Coconut has so many nutrional benefits and the pulp can be used for such great recipes. I am talking about milk made from a mature coconut--I just pulsed the meat with water in a food processer and drained it out in a milk bag. At $199 per coconut, It seems this is the more affordable option as well. So...any reason why this does not seem to be as popular as nut milks?


  • Do you use organic coconuts? Sounds good to me if they are. I think one thing that is a hindrance with coconuts is getting the meat out. The other is that almonds are very close to being alkaline instead of acid. I haven't checked on coconuts in that respect. Buy the way, all other nuts is acid.

    You can also make seed milk, which will be cheaper than nut milk. Course coconut milk will have a yummy flavor.

  • I saw this on youtube...not sure if if this lady's method reduces the nutrition in the coconut, but look how easy the meat comes out of the coconut. Thoughts?

    Coconut milk is awesome! Especially at 1.99 per coconut. Where do you buy them? I've been thinking about trying this guy's - All the ones I can find here are from Asia. I'd like to get something more local. Ooohhh, that video makes me want to move to Florida and start a coconut farm!


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