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Just kidding!

Anyways, now that I have you here…

I’m wholesaling a couple raw products on ebay now – http://cgi.ebay.com/Raw-Organic-CACAO-Beans-Raw…

Raw cacao beans for 3.00 off the sunfood.com retail price…maca extreme for 7.00 off the sunfood.com price.

Also brand new Buddhist books starting at $.25 cents…and lot’s of other cool items for under 1$.

Check it out here – http://cgi.ebay.com/Raw-Organic-CACAO-Beans-Raw…

Thanks :)


PS – Blind Guru is cool…he won’t rip you off.

PSS – If anyone would like raw organic vanilla beans for only 1$ a bean – e-mail agavenectar@yahoo.com


  • Wow… I was seriously hoping this forum wasn’t going to start getting negative and snipey like I’ve seen other forums do. Phew! This is one of the most positive & supportive forums I’ve ever encountered on the web and I hope it STAYS that way.

  • Yes, we do want to keep it positive here.

  • Amen sistas!

  • oh you little booger alex

    im gonna whip you good ;)

    p.s. i’m working on your package right now!

  • Actually Alex, unfortunately you are right about BlindGuru ripping people off.
    It’s sad he poses as someone that helps people.

    Blindguru.com, as well as Rawfoodadvantage.com are not delivering on their blender packages. I finally got my blender on the 30th day after I paid for it, and 28 days after it was supposed to ship. I am still missing most of the extras that were part of the package price including the vitamix brush, tamper, nut milk bags, raspberry flour samples, blue/green algae sample, 3 bags of prill beads, anti-air pump, etc. He said he was out of those items, and didn’t know when they would ship.

    Customer service is pretty much nonexistent, except when you’re ordering/sending money. I was told the ‘free consulting’ wait list is 1300 people, unless I wanted to pay. He still couldn’t say when it would be available for paying customers. (Most of my initial inquiry emails also went unanswered.)

    Ethics are low on the list too. There were copyrighted photos and text taken from another site and used at Blindguru.com without permission.

    No matter how good you eat BlindGuru staff, that bad Carma is going to get you alot quicker than deep fried food will.

    Read another unfortunate customer story of RawFoodAdvantage.com / BlindGuru.com at this site: complaints.com/2006/december/20/___Vitaprep_3_blender_8266.htm

  • I believe I have fallen victim as well, so BEWARE. I paid $400 over a month ago and have nothing. They have returned 1 email (we’re checking on it) and 1 phone call (oh, you paid my former employee and you have to contact him directly for a refund). I have a paypal dispute filed, but nothing yet.

    This really bums me out! A great blender was going to be our 1 year anniversary present to ourselves for eating raw, and it was a stretch to buy it. I have tried to be positive in my contact with these folks, but SHADY and DISREPUTABLE are the nicest words I can think of right now.

    Unfortunately, I’ve learned a lesson and will think twice in the future when I’m tempted to support small and alternative businesses on-line. I would have been blending for a month now had I simply purchased from the manufacturer!!!

  • I have had good results from this company anytime i ordered.. VITALITYPLUS. 888-473-2141…....VITALITYPLUS1.COM chefraw.com

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    naturalzing.com rocks as well!

  • what about rawguru.com? i just ordered the blendtec from them.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    That is a totally different company, I think you are safe!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    jenoz, paypal refunding money can be a big joke, I found that out the hard way! You need to actually phone your credit card company, that you use thru Paypal, and file with your credit card company a dispute and cancel the charge so you are not receiving the bill with the amount on it. If you have already paid the bill or received it with the charge on it, they will dispute it and most card companies will not expect you to pay that amount on the bill…but each one is different. I’d phone them asap. If you do then receive a box from blindguru, simply refuse the box and it will be automatically shipped back to the sender, do not open it, refuse it.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I too have heard quite the horror stories from these 2 companies. I will call myself lucky because I got my blender from them and had no problems, but that was a while ago. Got a good deal as well. But like I said, I believe myself to be lucky and wouldn’t order from them again in the future.

  • Thank you all for the info and tips!

    The raw foods community is growing by leaps and bounds, but is still fairly tightly-knit thanks to the web. How anyone could expect to treat customers badly and stay in business in this niche market is beyond my comprehension.

    Beware also of the website IBlend. Its the same outfit on a different day.

    On a positive note, the “former employee/associate” guy called me yesterday. He was out of town for a week and was mortified by how my purchase had been handled. If he gets me my money back OR gets me my blender, I’ll post a recommendation here for him and his business.

  • Well, I did get my refund and some e-books for my trouble. The guy declined to send me his name so I could mention it here.

    I ordered a Blendtec from 2-Life and got the BEST price I’ve ever seen on it. I got it today and it is AWESOME!!! Highly recommend dealing with these folks!

  • Hey.. Everyone order from Natural Zing! It is the BEST place to order from. I had many problems with other sites and will never buy from anywhere other than Natural Zing. My boyfriend has a link on his myspace page http://www.myspace.com/rawvegansteven and if you plan to order click on the link before placing the order. He gets 6% of the sale if you do that. Help a brother in need. :) Thanks my friends.

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    I also like Natural Zing a lot. Good products and customer service.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I had a bad experience with Natural Zing. They still owe me a fig jelly cup and they haven’t returned my email. I don’t care if it was only $4.95, it’s the principle that bothers me. I bought a lot from them with my order, the least they could do is respond to my email.

  • I like Natural Zing too.

  • I, too, have had trouble with BlindGuru and Blendtec issues.

    One purchase went very well. Good price, good delivery. (I also purchased

    Iridesca product, which went just fine. )

    Second blender purchase was a nightmare, and I shan't be back.

    While I don't think there's any ill will involved, and the folks seems to mean

    well and talk a good show, there seem to be "too many moving parts" in the

    Blendtec ordering/fulfillment process and that makes tracking/refunds/etc hard

    for these guys to manage.

    For a blender worth the better part of one thousand dollars, it was a very scary

    experience, and I won't risk it again.

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