Naturemama wanting to be totally raw in Mexico

So, I have had a huge interest in Living foods for a loooong time because of the love I have for nature and living in harmony with natural ways. I love the simplicity of being raw. Have been a vegetarian for a long time and have recently had some stress oriented health situations come up that have caused me to look deeper into what is going on. I am wintering in a tropical country and have a bounty of papaya, mango, bananas and, would really like to toss cooked food and be totally raw;) Right now even though I am not big into %'s but my food is 80 % raw or so....may issue to do away with chocolate (unraw) and sweet treats..I feel this is causing some havoc in the body right now. I am a single mother and have naturally birthed my children, the last two unassisted. We live a very natural lifestyle with Waldorf inspired learning & unschooling being our focus...

I live life from a spiritual perspective and feel that living foods can enhance that as well. I am a natural living educator ,doula, writer and a facilitator of change. Look forward to learning and sharing with all of You~~


  • Naturemama,

    How is your raw journey going so far? I am replying to your comment because I am planning an extended trip to mexico for six months and I'm wondering if you could give any advice on some good raw-friendly(ier) places to either visit or make my temporary home. I'm assuming the fruit and veggies will be abundant and easily accessible? Any info or resources would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    I'm planning the trip for November '09.

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