Naturopathic/Holistic/Nutritional Internship

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I'm looking into getting an internship in a holistic health setting. I am hoping to become a Naturopathic Dr. in the future and am an undergrad studying nutrion right now. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as far as where I could look? I have been thinking about trying to contact detox/ live food retreat type places, but with not much luck...any tips are helpful!!!



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    There are a couple of Naturopaths who frequent this site. I can't remember their names, but keep an eye out for the kind of advice you would expect them to give. Check their profiles. They usually include their email or website information. Try an Advanced Search for naturopath (Forum) and then browse through the results. Hidden in there you should find something useful.

    I just found this thread: Linda was a RN who went back to school to become a naturopath. Her email is posted on her profile. There's some pretty good information on the thread.

    Best of luck in your search Rawsaysrita. We need more people like you.

    PS: Click here if you need some tips on doing an Advanced Search (reply #3)

  • rawsaysritarawsaysrita Raw Newbie

    Thank you emtpdmom, I emailed Linda : )

    If anyone else knows of any places or naturopaths I could contact please let me know!

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    I would also check with your local healthfood stores.... sounds crazy, but you never know what they might have to offer! Massage Therapists, Chiropractic Care, etc.... check with all of them too... I'm sure you already know all of this :) If you were in NY, i'd volunteer to be your patient - i'm searching for a Naturopath!

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