Want to be healthy

Hi, everyone! I've been reading quite a bit about going raw and am very interested in it for health reasons. I live in rural Arkansas. There is only one health food store anywhere near me and it is about an hour from where I live. I have a kitchenaid blender (which even though it cost about $200, still leaves chunks even on liquify). I do not have a dehydrator. Organic foods are extremely hard to find and even really fresh produce is sometimes a challenge. Do I have a chance in "you-know-what" of being able to go raw and stick with it? I know from experience of dieting that salads get old very quickly. Does anyone have advice on how to go raw? Do I need to purchase a blendtec blender and a dehydrator? I love fruits and vegetables of almost all kinds but just eating whole raw foods (not making recipes) will probably also grow old to me fairly quickly.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice!


  • I think you have a chance! I don't have a fancy blender, and I rarely use the cheapo dehydrator I have. I HAVE bought a spirooli to make zucchini noodles (you can use a veggie peeler) and a version of the "magic bullet" and I have a food processor I use a lot. That's what I use a lot for prep. You can mail-order raw nuts and seeds, too. Just try adding raw meals. Oh, i don't make smoothies either. There is no set way for EVERYONE and you don't need to go into this guns blazing. Try adding a little and see how you feel.

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