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How to make religious fasting easier on raw?

CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie


Maybe I haven't mentioned it, but I am a practising muslim. I am transitioning to raw and had been 100 per cent for a few weeks, but decided to slow some detox down by going 75 per cent (oh my goodness, those greens can make you do some serious detox!).

My previous experiences fasting for my religion have been disastrous. Of course, because I was eating meat and dairy, sugar and glute, when I would fast during the day (it is a dry fast from sunrise to sunset) I would go into the worst physical state!

I want to make up some of the days I skipped but am nervous. Is this going to have adverse affects on my transitioning to raw? Should I wait until I have further detoxed?

How should I break my fast each evening? A green juice or smoothie? What to eat each evening after the fast and each morning before?

Thank you.


  • Dont be nervous! :-) I don't think you will have any adverse effects, if fact, it will probabaly help make a smoother transition giving your body this time to rest during the day. I would first break my fast with just a simple fruit like an apple or an orange (of course, after a date or three or five!) and a big glass of water. But a green juice or smoothie would be great too at this time! I would rest for awhile and have a big salad or a gormet raw dinner. Make sure you have a delicious raw dessert on hand too. A huge key for me is to eat, take a break, eat, break so I never get stuffed. My favorite breakfast before fasting is a big piece of blueberry pie! With an almond crust and a filling made of blueberries and banannas, its quick, easy and filling. You'll be fine, I would go ahead and finish!

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I would actually recommend staying away from anything too sweet before starting and even during a fast; it will only make you more hungry and thirsty. A not-too-sweet green smoothie along with some soaked nuts (to slow down detox and provide staying power) is probably a good before-sunrise breakfast. If the green smoothies are too intense, some whole grains would also provide a good breakfast--just stay away from the refined foods; e.g. whole grain bread is way better than white bread. And if you have the discipline, I think green juice is the perfect way to break the fast in the evening (after some water!), though it is very cleansing, and may make you nauseous. The fast itself will speed your detox regardless of what you're eating, so you may want to view this as a chance to get detox out of the way, especially if you have time to rest during the day. If you have to stay active, then you may benefit from the kinds of foods that 2 husky girl recommends; some sugars to give you quick energy, and vegetables and some nuts for longer-term energy. Best of luck!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Thanks. I am looking forward to speeding the detox. I have been slowing it down because I have had terrible headaches and hellish mood swings and crying spells when I really upped the greens (loads of swiss chard, spinach, and arugala).

    I will keep these suggestions in mind, and definitely break the fast with a green juice to detox as much as possible. I want it all out!

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Hi Carnap,

    Sorry to be off the subject but isn't it amazing to realize how much of our emotions we have all been stuffing down with cooked foods, alcohol, etc.? It can be startling but once we sort of fight past the urge to 'use' our food as anything other than nutrition we are left with our bare feelings. I dont know about you but it's been a bit of a mind blower and very........positive.

    Sending you much strength during your spiritual fasting.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    It is insane, gratefultobe! I used to eat a box of cookies and some chocolates and literally stare at the wall for two hours. Just sit there and not do anything at all! Mind you, I am thin, look like a normal human being, and I would just gaze into space. I thought it was depression, or boredom.

    I guess I never knew how unhealthy I was or how I was using food. And don't even get me started on the five years I smoked!

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • I am a Catholic and I fast on water only on a Wednesday and Friday. It should be bread and water, but I decided to leave the bread out. What is the length of your fast. Anyway, fasting for God is more important than going raw. As you already know, put God first and let Him decide how He wants you to do it. God bless you and yours.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    The length of the fast is thirty days. It did not go well for me, so I have ten to make up.

    No water, no food from sunrise to sunset.

    Of course the fast is more important, but since it did not go well I thought having a cleaner body would even help me!


  • I drink a carrot, apple and celery juice and then after about an hour, I eat something light. A cleaner body will help enormously. clear thinking, vibrant health. It is good to have a spiritual goal as well isn't it? God bless

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Oh my goodness! I am fasting today. It is NO comparison! When I was eating SAD fasting was a chore. But I feel so light and good today! I am not even thinking about food (except what to eat when I'm done) nor am I really....hungry. This is amazing.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Oh I just broke the fast. I think I made too much juice; I feel high. Should I stop? Don't want to waste any.

  • Hi Carnap,

    I wish you the best on your spiritual fast. I have a friend who's husband is Muslim, and I believe she said that he would traditionally break his fast with dates. I don't know if this was because of were he was from (Lebanon originally, now he lives in the U.S.A with her.)? It may be a cultural tradition? Or, maybe the dates seem to work good? I would definately try to keep well hydrated during nonfasting times since your fast also rules out water.

  • Bluebell,

    I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I have heard that just having bread and water will constipate you. I saw you cut out the bread (probably because of the raw diet?). Anyway- I had heard that in connection to why when military people used to be put in the brig they were put on bread and water only. I know- sounds horrible that people would try to make you constipated as a punishment, but I wonder if there is some validity to it?

  • sukihotarusukihotaru Raw Newbie

    hi this toppic is old few years, but i would like to say that im oractising muslim as well and i will really like to have some raw foodist muslim person which i can share fasting support!:)

  • Claire TurnipClaire Turnip Raw Newbie

    I would be interested in how fasting works with a raw diet. Thank you for bumping the topic, sukihotaru.

    The Rawtarian
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