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Raw hummus - soaking the soaked beans in lemon juice?

I was telling my daughter about my failed attempt to make raw hummus (I soaked the garbanzo beans for 36 hours, sprouted for 24, tasted a bean and intensely disliked the raw beaniness of it), so I ended up making baked falafel instead. (Not raw, darn it, but I am not getting enough protein. There's only so much spinach and broccoli I can eat each day without getting sick of it.)

Anyway, she said she went to a raw restaurant where they told her they soaked the beans in lemon juice before blending. Anyone heard of this? I know the Tahitians make a "cooked" raw fish by soaking the fish in lemon or lime juice, which chemically alters the fish to a "cooked" consistency. Would soaking the beans in lemon destroy the raw enzymes the same as boiling? (I've also seen recipies that advocate blanching the beans for a minute. I'm sure those enzymes are pretty dead after that!)

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.


  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Hi mdc.

    Try a different technique.

    Soak overnight (dont forget to wash them really well first, and then again before sprouting), but sprout for up to 3 days and make sure you rinse really well during the sprouting phase - this helps get rid of some of the bitterness. The longer the shoots the sweeter the bean but don't let them go beyond half an inch. I have no idea about the lemon soaking business, but I add lots of fresh lemon juice to my raw hummus together with garlic and raw tahini (if I have any -sometimes I leave the tahini out, because I think it can be bitter). Add some cayenne (I know, not raw), salt and fresh parsley, and then judge. Keep adding lemon and salt until you get the taste you like.

  • Hi MDC

    you can also try chick peas instead of the beans...taste much better

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I thought chick peas=garbanzo beans? No?

  • Yes. ;-)

  • I don't use Chick Peas at all for hummus. I soak sun flower seeds for a few hours and then use about two cups of zucchini to fill it all out + 3 cloaves of garlic, sea salt, ground cummin, curry powde, olive oil, some lemon and sesame seeds. Every thing gets bashed to a pulp in the food processor. I can't beleave it's not chick peas. ;)


  • Ooo, the sunflower seeds sound good. I always thought zucchini hummus lacked the filling richness of a chickpea one even with lots of oil. The sunflower seeds would definitely help!

  • I love zucchini hummus. my nonraw friends love it and are always shocked to find out it's not beans. I think the trick might be grinding your own sesame seeds into a thick paste, it does make the hummus thicker + richer than using bottled raw tahini.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    schmoopee, what recipe do you use? i tried a zucchini hummus and wasn't a huge fan- i did use raw tahini though. good tip about making your own instead.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Betty the Whip

    Can you please share your recipe with the amount of ingredients you use to make your hummus? I am looking for a non-bean hummus for my daughter, she just isn't into beans at all...Thanks! :)

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    You must try the almond hummus in The Cafe Gratitude Cookbook, it is soooo good. Almonds have a good amount of protein in them. This recipe has that heavier quality then the zucchini hummus if that is what you are looking for. I will post this recipe tomorrow, but for now I must go to bed!

  • mdcmdc

    Thanks, RawKaren, for the different preparation tip. I started another batch soaking and will try sprouting longer. I don't like tahini, either; when I made hummus pre-raw, I used to substitute a few walnuts for the tahini. I'll let you know how it turns out for me.

    Betty The Whip, what is the proportion of sunflower seeds to zucchini? Do sunflower seeds expand when soaked like legumes (I'm new to raw and haven't tried soaking nuts or seeds yet)

    leahceleste, I'll look forward to seeing your recipe. I wonder if zucchini can be added to it as well? I'm looking for lower fat than straight nuts.

  • not getting enough protein?

    how the hell does one not get enough protein. are you a body builder or something?

  • mdcmdc

    According to WHO, the minimum requirement of protein is .5 gm/KG of weight. I've been tracking the composition of what I've been eating on fitday.com the past week and I'm getting about half of what I would need if I weighed 110. (Which I don't, alas) Part of the problem is I'm not eating enough. But I'm not hungry and not experiencing cravings, which is a big plus for me. So, I'm seeking plants that will give me a bigger protein bang for my buck (adequate protein recommended for those with osteoporosis, which I have). Plant protein is, of course, superior to animal protein and does not lead to increased risk of osteoporosis. Best veggies are broccoli, kale and legumes, such as lentils. Body builder. :) Thanks for having the notion. :)

  • yes, yes...i've read "A Diet For A New America" too!

    by the way...does that name of yours mean MILLION DEAD COPS.

    just wonderin'.

  • I make a no bean hummus recipe instead, I can't have chickpeas raw they are to acidic to me! It is made with two zukinnis instead of beans, it tastes really great!

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    What a fab thread! When sprouting this week, I put more thought into 'prep'. Overnight soaking and only 2 days for sprouting gave sweet sprouts but I did lots of rinsing. I agree completely about the no bean hummus - it sooo delicious, here are the quantities:

    2 zucchini

    3/4 cup raw tahini

    1/2 cup fresh lemon jice

    1/4 cup olive oil

    4 cloves garlic

    1/2 tbspn cumin

    salt and cayenne pepper to taste.


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Quinoa sprouted is a great source of protein and tastes great on salads, wraps, and can be thrown in smoothies too. Also hemp seeds, same use. Quinoa sprouts in a day practically, super simple.

  • I may be wrong but don't the amino acids in plants bind together to make protiens? Try drinking green smoothies, I love them!

  • mdcmdc

    Extra sprouting and soaking in lemon juice didn't make any difference to me, even with the cute little tails. :). Those garbanzos ended up as baked falafel again. However, I did make a tasty hummus from almonds & zucchini as someone else suggested.

    1/2 c. dry almonds, soaked for 24 hours. I didn't take the skins off (don't know if you can).

    1 peeled zucchini

    2 garlic cloves

    spices to taste (lemon juice, cumin, coriander, celery seed,and cayenne pepper)

    Blend at high speed until creamy. May need to add a tsp of water. A tasty, zippy dip for veggies. With a little more water, it would probably make a nice sauce for zucchnini or sweet potato "noodles." Thanks all for your suggestions, everyone!

    PS to ddigiacomo - I love green smoothies, too. I made a truly hideous one today, though. I had organic spring greens from Costco, added banana & blueberries--usually my favorite combo, but It was so bitter that I added 3 medjool dates. And it's still bitter! Banana + blueberry work great with spinach, though. Ugly as heck, but quite tasty. :)

  • I just made a batch of sprouted garbanzo bean hummus and it wasn't very good until I added sundried tomato! that made all the difference.

  • I've wondered if one could pickle sprouted garbanzo beans to soften them up, either by the lacto-fermentation method (like raw sauerkraut) or by adding water, vinegar and salt and putting them in the fridge like I read about in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raw Foods. I have some garbanzo beans to use up and haven't liked them sprouted before. I figure I need to pickle or marinate them to improve the texture and taste or maybe just make hummus with them and let it sit a while.

    I like lentil sprouts though. MDC, If you're looking for more protein, try those. Your daughter might even like them.

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