MC.....anyone else?

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I am on day 2 of my second Master Cleanse. And I really need it. I overcame my binging eating disorder and ready to start fresh again......does anyone wants to join or is already in?




  • how do i do an mc?

  • day 14 today :)

    There is NOTHING like a Master Cleanse for kicking off better eating habits! I did a 40-day MC last June and haven't had any desire to touch meat since.

    lifeintheway, you can find the Master Cleanse book, by Stanley Burroughs, in most big book stores (Barnes & Noble, Borders) or you can read it online at

    I wouldn't recommend trying the MC before you have COMPLETELY read the book. It's a great tool if used correctly.

    Sabrina, GOOD LUCK!!!

  • I am on day 6-This is my 3rd MC..This is such a great way to 'reboot the system'.

    It seems that with each cleanse experience-it gets easier to complete:)

  • I am doing a 42 day MC.

    Currently on day 23.

    This is my second MC. My first one was 14 days.

    The second experience has been completely different than the first.

    I am amazed at all the different little detox symtoms, changes of my body and

    skin....the second time around. Seems to be more thorough.

    Defiantly Healing the Body...physically and emotionally.


  • WOW great job people. When i lived in Vegas I did a 10 day MC every start of the new season. Since moving to the east coast I have not really done a good one in years!! Hmmm maybe a contributing factor to my overweight and overall yuk feeling with my body. I did do a 10 day couple of years ago just to help me get over alot of grieving I was going thru at the time. Cells have memory so I knew I was going to stay in my slump of depression if I didn't clean house!! it really did help. So I'm no expert but I'm gonna share my experience/s take what you like toss the rest.

    My ex-husband had gotten Bell's palsey and a weird skin disorder when he came back from Desert Storm...noithing helped. He was literally allergic to his own sweat. If temp was higher than 68 degress he would immediately have all these tiny pumps that looked like goose bumps but he would scream in pain...saying it felt like knives all over his body and he would get angry!! Anyway I finally talked him into doing the MC...forty days later and 39 lbs lighter his Bell's and the skin anomaly were gone.

    The longest I have done a MC run was 26 days. Some of you may not have a solid bowel movement during your first MC after the intial cleaning out. It is usually very loose stool TMI TMI I know. I found myself adding psyllium on occasion to a few of my MC adventures.

    I know the power of the MC...yet knowing it and trying to get my mind set to do it again has been very difficult. I'm hoping to do it again. My problem is I hate the taste of maple...I know you can use alternative items, but the maple grade B is the preferred and suggested for it. I start it then I don't consume enough which is also bad. You need to drink enough to flush the toxins out. You also need to make sure you are doing the recommended laxative tea and salt wash. i find that doing the salt wash WARMER tends to help it go down easier...almost like a veg broth in taste. I would HIGHLY suggest using a sauna if you have access to one as the skin is our biggest organ and will speed up the detoxing process.

    Another BIG point ,make sure you come off of this cleanse correctly. Don't consume white products i.e. bread, rice, potatoes, sugar, flour---your body will go into a fiend mode. And KathrynL you are absolutely rightabout the meat adversion. Let's face it, meat by itself is NOT a good tasting thing to our bodies. No one eats "plain meat"---we add spice to make it appealing. After the cleanse meat tasted HORRIBLE to me...but as with any habit which meat eating is, one slowly gets used to it again.

    Anyway congrats on your MC endeavor and best of luck to you all and happy, better, healthier journeys afterwards!! Go, Go MCers!! You can do it!!!



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