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Interesting fruit?

What are some interesting fruits you like/would recommend? I am talking about fruits that are rather unusual (in relation to those that are ubiquitous in the U.S., where I live) and something you don't come across every day! It is my goal to try every fruit. Well, you know, except the poisonous ones.


  • ConstantinConstantin Raw Newbie

    durian, mangosteen,dragon fruit, guanabana,young coconut,goji berries

  • Where do you find unusual fruit in the US? There are so many fruits I have heard mentioned in the raw community (sharon fruit, durian, cherimoya) but never see these in my market! Do you have to order them online? I imagine they are quite expensive...

  • Parsley- are sharon fruit and persimmons the same thing? I think I have heard that before. I can usually find unusual fruits at asian markets here in Seattle.

  • I mean fruit that are not commonly found in U.S. grocery stores. I agree. I hear of all these names on here and I have no clue what any of the fruit are. There are online websites where you can buy raw foods and such fruit, and yes, they are rather pricey and there is usually a minimum amount of money you have to spend on them.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    Robertishere.com i believe that is the web page or google robert is here fruit stand. here in south fl there is a family that has a fruit stand and land and grows all kinds of exotic frut. mamey, sapodilla, sugar cane(not fruit) 3 diff type of mangoes, egg frut, jack fruit ect. you can buy whatever is in season and they will ship it to you- well worth it. we are her in middle fo fl and we just made an order of black sapotes, sapodilla, guavas ect.


  • ethnic grocery stores often carry some unusual fruits. look for a latino or asian market in your town. any place with a significant immigrant community is bound to have one somewhere nearby. my home town (pop. 100,000) has little chinese, korean, and latino groceries.

    i love kumquats (kind of unusual). you eat them peel and all. they're like sweet-tart vitamin c bombs!

    papayas = the ultimate digestive and delicious too.

    lychees (aka dragon eyes) = kind of grapey and fun to eat.

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I second robert is here!!!!! I just made a trip down there a couple months ago and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of tropical fruit. My favorite was canistel or egg fruit. It was SOOOOO good. The texture/taste was like none other! Enjoy. I also get durians, young coconuts, mangosteen, rambutans, lychee and dragon fruit from an asian market I shop at. They always have durians and coconuts and the other ones come in more sporadically. The only concern that I have about buying fruit from asian markets is that I don't know how it was grown... Anyway, hope you find some awesome exotic fruits and enjoy them! New food is just so fun, isn't it?!

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    When I lived in LA and went to the farmers markets every week I discovered cherimoyas and they are my favorite!! When they were in season I would eat tons every week. Now that I live in Texas I have not seen one in months:(

  • Unfortunately, this website doesn't ship to arizona. :-( I'm pretty sure some websites do though. I eat kumquats all the time. At my university, there are so many trees on which they grow.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    robert is here does, we spoke with him the other day and he mentioned sending out a box of sapote's to arizona........ call them

  • i have yet to come across an otaheite apple (oti eeti) outside of Jamaica. If anyone eats one or has seen one let me know. It is the freshest tasting thing ever and it is awesome. It tastes as good as it looks.


  • I went to the Asian food market today but no luck...all they had was young coconut. How much on average does Robert Is Here cost? The diverse colors of the fruit are so appealing!

  • Are cherimoyas supposed to be this expensive??? We just got a farmer's market for the first time in my town, and I saw my first cherimoya. I had only read about them before. They were sampling pieces, and WOW was it great. I bought one to take home, but can't afford to eat them often. They were $4 per pound. Is that a reasonable price for these gems, or should I be able to find them cheaper?

  • cherimoyas are $8 a pound here

  • Wow! I guess I'm getting a good deal here, then! LOL Thanks for giving me a frame of reference.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I live in AZ too, Sultaria. The more unusual fruits I have been able to find here are cherimoya ($6 per pound organic), dragon fruit ($11 per pound organic), and prickly pear fruit. There are some others that I saw last summer, but can't remember the names.

  • I just bought a new and interesting fruit - a prickly pear - at a pretty high price at my grocery store. (I wanted to expand my horizons beyond apples, bananas, and oranges.) And it tasted awful! But I don't know if that's how they are supposed to taste, or if I got a bad one - ???

  • JDJD

    Oh I have so many questions...

    Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)- see these all the time! How do you choose one? What's the texture supposed to be like inside? Firm like an apple? A soft pear?

    Mangosteen-not looking familiar. Do you eat the whole thing or just the white inside? What's the texture like? How do you know it's ripe?

    Persimmon-seen these before and thought it was a type of tomato :) - Do you peel these? How do you choose one and what's the texture like?

    Cherimoya- not sure if I've seen them. They remind me of an artichoke. I'm assuming you don't eat the outside and it's supposed to be eated while still green. What's the inside like? What does it resemble?

    SOOO sorry for the bombing of questions.

  • Here's another: Jujube fruit (Chinese Date) http://media.photobucket.com/image/gardenweb jujube/Bassgarden/Bass Garden/PA170426.jpg

    You can get these fresh in the U.S. in Asian stores August - November or grow your own tree. Supposedly they will grow real easy in many parts of the US. They have a sweet taste between an apple and a date. They are better if left to sit a bit in the sun or even in a room to dehydrate slightly.

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