indentations beside eyes

Hi everyone.

I've wavered between vegetarian, vegan and eating fish over the last six years. when my diet was the most restricted i noticed an indentation that formed beside my inner right eye that has remained permanent over the past few years. I've been doing raw since the beginning of the year and i'm noticing the same indentation growing on my inner left eye. I'm really worried that i could possibly be hurting myself somehow, i prefer living this life style and outside of water retention i feel great. (and if anyone has any thoughts on the water retention i would love to hear that as well. i've noticed it over the last two or three weeks and it seems consistent, mostly under my eyes.)

I am new to this but i'm trying to be really careful about covering all my bases. I supplement b12 and iron, i eat an adequate amount of calories/food. I'm also taking an oil blend and a mag/cal supplement.

i would appreciate hearing any thoughts, i really want to stick this out but not if i'm hurting myself.

thank you. :)

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