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Hello everyone,

I have been looking into getting a water filter for drinking/food water. I know Brita seems to be a common one in US (for those of us on average budget to spend) but I have been coming across this Zero Water (http://www.zerowater.com/) brand more often. I am not looking for the type to hook up to my sink(already tried with other, threads are stripped) but the pitcher variety only at this moment, My mom called this am to tell me they had one on QVC(for cheaper than stores, even with shipping) and knew I had asked for one for Christmas but didn't get one. Has anyone used this brand, how is it?


  • Hi Blueyz, I haven't used it or heard of it but would love to hear opinions from others regarding water filters in general. I love Sarma Melngailis and she uses the "Tensui" water system - but I think those are thousands of dollars to install....however they do seem worth it. One day when I can afford it I will invest in one.

    Did you end up purchasing a Zero Water filter?

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    If interested in a pitcher style or a water bottle style water filter, email me.

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    I recommend APEC water systems RO-90 water filter, I have been using it for 4 months, with no problems or complaints so far. Follow all instructions and everything is working fine. The water tastes good. 

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